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We're cultivating a real consequence free culture, and it's fucking sad.

Sorry, but pencils have erasers for a reason, unless you want to outlaw them as well.

Glad to see you place having a child and filling in the wrong bubble on a standardized test as the same weight.

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@Mirado: sorry, find someone else, she's obviously not ready to be any sort of mother. it's her body, it's her choice. END OF DISCUSSION.

Swing and a miss. It's her body, but it's our baby. If she wasn't ready to be a mother then she shouldn't have said "Let's have a kid", now shouldn't she? And why condemn the child for the actions of the parent? At least the kid might find a loving family somewhere, as opposed to the heartless person who decided having a child was purely for her own fulfillment and, you know, not for the child, and then decided to put the kibosh on it when it didn't align with her outlook anymore.

I also love how you just throw your arms up and storm off when you don't have a counterpoint. A real shining example of the community, right here. Forget the morality of it, or how wrong someone's opinion might be, at least you can try to carry on SOME discussion.

(For the record, I'm just playing Devil's advocate. Seems to be working quite well.)

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@Animasta: If my wife/girlfriend and I decide to have a kid, she gets pregnant, and then two or three months in decides that this is a bad idea and wants an abortion, I should have no say? What happens if I want the child? I have zero rights? I'd rather become a single father then let the other person terminate a viable pregnancy just because she no longer thinks it's a good idea. Hell, even if it's unintentional or accidental, she shouldn't be able to do so unless it endangers her life or if the child would have major birth defects. The physical act of childbirth is solely the domain of the mother, but the all important decision is made by two.

Maybe bringing a child to term would help impress upon the potential weight of your actions (on both sides). But with that being said, having a child isn't a punishment, it's a result of a choice (not necessarily to have a kid, but to have sex). When Tab A is inserted into Slot B, despite the advances in medical technology, one must be prepared for the possibility of a woman having a kid, plain and simple.

We're cultivating a real consequence free culture, and it's fucking sad. I'm not some crazy hard liner who's against abortion. If the woman is raped, if the pregnancy will endanger her life, if the child is to be born with crippling defects, etc, are all valid reasons for abortions. "I don't feel like it anymore" or "Whoops!" aren't anywhere near good enough reasons to do so. Abortion isn't meant to be the last line of contraception. It carries a hell of a lot more weight and should stop being treated as a failsafe.

On the topic of quality of life: there are a lot of people out there who are looking to adopt. The process in the US is far slower and more difficult then it should be, but the people are out there. Only if one of the two parents doesn't wish to raise the child, with no potential adoption options lined up, and with a really destitute quality of life ahead of him/her should abortion be considered. Otherwise, I cannot morally agree with using abortion as a problem solver.

The decision doesn't rest with the split between fetus and human. It rests when two people decide to do something that, for thousands of years, meant a high possibility of having a child. Just because we have the ability to mitigate it shouldn't be carte blanche to take it lightly.

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@Cataphract1014: You are the best for posting this. I'm the kind of person who has scoured wallbase for practically every good 1920x1200 wallpaper they had, so anytime I can get my hands on another I'm real pleased. Thanks, duder.

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I need darkness to fall asleep, but I don't need anything to stay asleep.

I had a maintenance guy make it into my bedroom (rang the door bell, went up my loud-as-fuck steps, went across the kitchen, down my hallway, opened my bedroom door) before I woke up. I also once slept through a power transformer exploding not half a block away.

I sleep as soundly as the dead, it seems.

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Baccano! is great, but it isn't light entertainment. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who doesn't like to keep track of three dozen characters or can't follow along if the story isn't linear, because it veers all over the place. I'd also recommend watching the dub, which is something that I almost never say; in this case, the Japanese voice actors just can't replicate the speech patterns or tones of what you'd expect from 1930s America, and the dub felt a bit more authentic because of it.

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@xyzygy: A complaint is just a negative opinion. An expression of your feelings towards some perceived injustice. It doesn't make what you are saying right, but you don't have to be; it's an opinion.

Where it all breaks down is what you are doing; i.e. arguing about complaints hence trying to debate or seek the merits of an opinion. It doesn't make any sense; an opinion is just a personal viewpoint, with no truth to it besides that which is internal to its owner. You have no grounds for your argument as an opinion, by its very nature, loses or gains nothing from being argued for or against. And an argument requires both the premise and the conclusion to hold some truth, which goes against the very idea of an opinion which forms both sides of your point.

You are railing against a baseless thing. Isn't that even more of a waste of time then what you are yelling about?

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Where's "banging two rocks together"?

If you are going to trace the genesis of the above ideas back to the invention of written communication, then you might as well go back to the invention of invention. I'd also accept "fire", but tool usage is where it's at, man. The first proto-human to figure that one out was the real genius in all this.

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properly the most used photo on giantbomb

Probably the best used photo on Giantbomb.

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@Zelyre: Keep us updated as you go. I've been renting for years and getting tired of it myself, and I've got a few friends who are nearing the same point.

And like you said, forget savings accounts and bonds. I'm all wrapped into mutual funds which (without blowing this post out into paragraph size) I feel is the only way to significantly see growth (and losses!) in your money, but they aren't a cure-all, either.

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The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

Don't find, do.