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Zangief and Hugo; I don't play anyone under 7 feet tall. :D

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Grit puts out the hurt, but Eagle is my favorite by far. His "I'mma just go again, if that's cool" power is so fucking fun.

I think I've taken Eagle for every final mission in each of the first three games in the series, and I always play him in MP.

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@Vinchenzo: Whose Line is so intensely, impossibly funny that I almost think it's unfair to use as a judge. I've laughed myself to tears more times then I can count.

I must have seen this clip at least thirty times, and it never loses it's punch. To me, T&E feels like a show that's trying to get non-sequitur improv style humor out of a skit based show, and it just doesn't do it for me. It always seems like they're reaching for the kind of jokes/humor that a show like WLIIA seems to generate naturally.

EDIT: Haha, just noticed the date on the post I replied too. Who the hell dug up a year old thread?

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I'll take that as a no, then.

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@Jay444111: Because the animation is terribly dated (you can level that criticism at just about every old show, but FotNS doesn't hold up at ALL) and recycles a lot of it, the vast majority of the episodes are filler (Ken wanders into some town/area, gets harassed by gang, sees local plight, kills leader in a 10 second fight, curses Shin/Jagi/Souther/Yuda/whoever he's currently tracking down, repeat), the plot is nonexistent and only ever changes twice (go after Shin to go after Raoh, everyone else along the way is incidental), and so on.

I love FotNS. I was exposed to the first of the OVAs, got hooked, played the games, and went back to watch the old show. Out of the 100+ episodes, only (about) 25 involve characters you care to see (besides Ken), and outside of the major characters or the odd special villain of the week (Mr. Heart, etc) every fight ends with a recycled Hundred Crack Fist animation loop. It's a series that's best watched with a Youtube compilation of the best fights (Ken/Shin, Rei/Raoh, Ken/Jagi, Toki/Raoh, Juza/Raoh, and finally Ken/Raoh), because the plot is nonexistent (you aren't watching it for the story anyway) and the shows really veers towards the boring side of things. I didn't even finish the 2nd series once Ken and Falco started getting their mainly tears going.

People build it up to be more then it is. Watch the new OVAs: they're hilariously over the top and a good time with friends. The original series is only for those who are really interested in the roots of the show (and may be better served by just reading the manga) or to brush up on some anime history. You'll see what I mean once you get 60 or so episodes deep and you're just praying for him to get out of the fucking desert and punch a name that you know instead of "dude with a bunch of whips" or "guy that throws a boomerang" or "guy that thinks he's Toki" and so on.

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@Czarpyotr: Systems are still nebulous, the art style is more or less the same, and while I think combat has been made easier it's still tricky later on in the game.

The one thing that I would describe as a big plus for you is that grinding has more or less taken a major back seat: with the proper elemental weapons or pyromancy magic, stats are almost totally rendered moot for a large portion of the game, at least as far as attack damage is concerned. It becomes much more reliant on reading enemy patterns and avoiding disadvantageous situations (trapped between two enemies, etc) rather then cranking your strength stat to the point that you hit hard enough (although there are some pieces of equipment that take a bit of grinding to use, none of them are strictly necessary). One might argue that you are replacing time spent grinding with time spend dying, but such is the Souls series.

I doubt the above points are enough to make your experience enjoyable (and depending on your choice of system, the frame rate becomes another issue in some spots), but it may not be as black and white as some people seem to think. Your best bet, if you'd like to give it a try, is to keep some guide handy to explain the systems. Frankly, I consider outside research a part of the experience.

@AndyD74: Because the vast majority of people are used to rushing straight forward and mashing attack, or having their hand held. The Souls series harkens back to the first Castlevania; meticulous enemy placement, a reliance on multiple methods of attack, pattern recognition as a major source of difficulty, etc. Your son pays attention to detail, which is a big part of what makes this series tougher then average.

Dark Souls doesn't beat you, you lose to it. If you fail to recognize the pattern, it hurts you for your mistakes.

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@hbkdx12: You'd make a kick ass waiter/waitress. It's a shame more people don't think this way, but as it stands money is such an incentive that I can't see the mentality (let alone the system) change.

Here's another related question for everyone: do you feel that the "XX% gratuity is added to the bill for parties of 8 or more" (so an automatic 15% tip is charged, service quality notwithstanding) that usually resides on the bottom of each bill is warranted/deserved? If you say yes, do you tip on top of that?

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@JazGalaxy: Oh, I agree. It's a right mess. I've just seen what I've seen.

@RiotBananas: You can't know, sure. But it certainly wasn't "grubby places" (it occurred much more often at higher class, formal wear places, where everything was governed by reservations and the staff had PLENTY of time to stand around), and one would think you'd be less inclined to piss off generous people, lest they stop being generous. But that's not why I bother tipping; people tipped me well when they felt I deserved it, so I do the same to the next generation. Whether or not it's right (or I get anything out of it) doesn't really enter into it; do unto others, and all that shit. I just posted the above as a fair warning to what I've seen.

I'm curious; you worked in a restaurant, did you get tipped? If you did, aren't you happy you were? If you didn't, I guess that makes sense.

@pweidman: Most of the places I worked in which that happened, the owner was the perpetrator (and usually doubled as the chef). It was rare, sure, but I was surprised at how often it happened (not as rare as I would like). Just anecdotal, of course, but needless to say I didn't have any leftovers after my shift was done at those places. :D

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@RiotBananas: @hbkdx12: Having worked in a few restaurants in the past, I've met a lot of chefs/servers who have become real skilled at doing nasty passive aggressive things to your food in a way that you'd never detect by looking at it, or even tasting it. These people tend to have good memories of who complains, and who tips poorly.

I'm not saying they're right (especially with regards to complains, but chefs can be quite temperamental), and I'm not saying you'll get sick from it, but if you don't tip and get sick on the third visit to a place.....you never know. Even if you don't wind up feeling it, I'm not sure you'd like the idea of someone spitting on your food, or dropping it on the (shall we say less then sanitary) kitchen floor, or any number of things I've seen. One man had his steak tossed on the floor, actually stepped on by the cook, and put back on his plate. He ate it with no complaints.

Any place I'm a regular at, I tip well. Don't piss off the help if you want to feel safe eating there twice. I don't care if you tip or not, but it's something to keep in mind.

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@Czarpyotr: Is there anything in particular (outside of the difficulty, if that's your issue then no, nothing has changed) that you disliked about Demon's Souls? Certain elements were tweaked to make Dark Souls a better game overall, but if you categorically hated it then the sequel won't work for you, either.

After all, it's the same game. It's just refined slightly.