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thats pretty kewl now if theyd only release all the other halo titlesto PC ><

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Thanks for all the replies guys, i already have a PS3  use it every day as my media server don't know what  id do without it ><. But i strictly play shooters with a PC, cant beat a keyboard and mouse (no I'm not trying to start PC vs Console war >< I'm sure I'll do that some other time). I think I'll get it when the price drops a bit as a few of my mates have purchased it. Aussie game prices are a joke, even with currency conversion we pay roughly 50% more than people in the US and UK heh.

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Not sure if its just me, but I'm currently boycotting this in hopes of a PC release, as all the GTA games eventually made it to PC. Or is it worth the $100 price tag to play a shooter on a console?

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a big old test!

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so ive got mass effect one and im lookingto get ME2, was after some game feedback. Cause down here in Aus we get slogged on game prices upwards of 50%+ markup on US game prices so is it worth my $100ish AU for this particular title or should i wait for the price drop :P?

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so many achievements in that game not enough time :S
if anyone from Aus happens to see this gimmy a reply if your interested in hitting a server and knocking some of them out :)

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@Dom:  thxs for the hint man :P i kept trying to find in from that eve scandal, i dont go back quite as far as ultima online ><