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Why hasn't anything been posted from PAX? I was expecting some interviews and maybe some video of some of the indie games available to be played. More importantly, the Giant Bomb panel will be posted at some time, right?

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Having recently watched it for the first time, my favorite TNT is the Bad Company 2 TNT. People standing on exploding tanks, gratuitous IRL internet-speak, and other insanity abound.

What are your favorite past TNTs that may be worth watching in lieu of a live TNT tonight?

#3 Posted by misfeasor (27 posts) -

Mine would be shooting a colored bubble at other similarly colored bubbles.

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Good post. Number one issue for me is the lack of streaming for anything but auto (AKA lowest) setting.

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@GunnBjorn: Endurance Run: Molyjam 2012

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I've had Alpha Protocol sitting in my steam library unplayed for quite awhile now and I'm looking forward to trying it after all the support its gotten in this thread. I picked it up in a trade for some TF2 items, so my expectations have been really low for it.

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@GunnBjorn: Grim Fandango is a great example. That game, along with Psychonauts, show just how amazing a game Tim Schafer can design. I'm sorry to say I didn't pick up either of them until long after they had been considered commercial failures.

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@Animasta: I've never played either but I've been watching the Persona 4 endurance run lately, so I'm tempted to try these games. Also, apparently they're first-person style RPGs, like Wizardry, which is pretty fucking awesome. Hopefully the translation patches are good.

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@Video_Game_King: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu? I've always considered those types of games to be more in the strategy genre but they can arguably also be considered RPGs I suppose.

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Lost Odyssey is an interesting one since it's a Japanese developed JRPG which sold far better outside of Japan, although it still didn't sell nearly as well as it deserves.

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