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This game turned me into a believer in the Wii. 0

When I heard about what they were planning with controllers for the Nintendo Wii, I was flabbergasted. As someone who has been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, I wanted nothing to do with Nintendo's little Wii. But I decided to give it a chance upon hearing that it was cheap, came with a game packaged in it and it would allow me to download all sorts of games on the Virtual Console. Now I have to admit defeat; Wii Sports has sold me on this system and I am back in full support of Ninten...

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Justice League Heroes is an unexpected failure for Snowblind. 0

DC Comics is home to some interesting superheroes but it has never managed to break into other mediums very well. The movies have always been a hit and miss affair, mostly miss, and the games have usually been horrific messes. The only major hit’s for DC have been the cartoons: Batman the Animated Series, Superman and Justice League were all great cartoons. So when it was announced that the Justice League would be coming to the consoles, I was pretty excited. If they could muster half of the coo...

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This game is so awe-inspiring; most praise is an understatatement 0

When the local gaming store was having a buy two get one free sale, I figured picking up the supposedly short Shadow of the Colossus was a no-brainer. A short but sweet adventure was just what I needed after embarking on the crusade that was Twilight Princess and the hectic Project: Snowblind. Little did I know that this game that took a measly nine hours to complete was going to be one of the most stunning experiences that I have ever had the privilege of playing. Shadow of the Colossus is a r...

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