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I have been called an apostate. I believe in chaos and harmony, and it actually dictates my life. I am apolitical (well I try) because I consider myself an artist so my views are all slanted toward the humanitarian perspective. I am a writer first of all, and I am currently working on my first book proposal (non-fiction, and not an autobiography). I have more in common with anarchy than most 'punks'. I recognize that my life is cyclic, and forming the belief that life, sex, and death are as well but not in the most obvious way. 'perception is reality' is absolutely disenchanting, consider the concept that in a relationship two people converge their individual perceptions, instead of a relationship being built around consideration, in other words, I believe the concept of perception to possess more practical power than as a simple maxim. Finished Ulysses, a book which has changed my life completely, and in the most unintended and unexpected way. Grammar is begrudgingly important.