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I haven't played Overkill since I was little. This is so awesome, thanks for letting me know this is out there!

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Watched this with no volume on for some reason so I can't really comment on voice acting / writing BUT I really like the way everything looks! Well, except Murray's face...that might take some getting used to...

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This is great news! I got PS+ the day after Spelunky went off sale, and I was just about to buy it full price. Thanks for this.

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I dunno but this tweet from Vinny recently got me really excited. Really excited. Just hope they follow through on it.

If this happens I may finally play through all of Dark Souls instead of starting over after reaching Anor Londo...

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A Bombcast ad is totally fine by me. It did take me a while to realize it wasn't a joke, though. :P

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Should we expect significant change in EA with this?

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I'm pretty excited for it! And yeah definitely rooting for TSM buuuuuut let's be realistic here...I don't have too much faith that they'll get very far. I'm really curious to see how far Vulcun and C9 make it too. EU teams are not really on my radar, but as for the Asian teams Ozone is my favorite of the ones who've made it.

Really hoping to see some new strategies and unique champ picks. Trundle, Rengar, and Nidalee would be so much fun to watch in the hands of some of the top teams.

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I talk, sing, and make dumb noises to myself constantly and I love it. And when I play video games alone I will usually talk out loud as though I am the voice inside my character's head. I prefer that to silence any day.

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I've been hearing so much positive Gone Home talk over the past few weeks that I thought, "This is a game I need to check out." I went on steam, saw the price, and immediately added it to my wishlist because I wasn't going to pay $20 for something that I probably wouldn't replay anymore than once. I felt bad because I want to support games that are trying to be different and meaningful, but I just couldn't justify it to myself to pay that much for 4 hours of gameplay.

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Singing is tough stuff. I can't do it well, but that doesn't really matter when you are alone in the car going 50, does it?