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The fuck did I do?

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My frothing demand for this game increases.

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This one time, I was at the beach and I saw this jellyfish, and I went up and poked it with driftwood, and it kinda jiggled like "blop blop." Then my friends said "Hey let's get a hot dog," so I went with them and got a hot dog with relish and mustard. It was a pretty good hotdog - I think it was Hebrew National. They're my favorite. The most important thing about hot dogs, in my opinion is the bun. Nobody wants stale buns - it really ruins the feel. I really prefer fresh ones, especially straight out of the oven - that nice bit of warmth as you bite in really makes my day. 
Anyhow, we were standing there, and I saw this dog. He was a golden retriever. He was pretty cool - he'd run around and fetch sticks and bark at the birds. He really seemed to get angry at seagulls. I don't blame him, seagulls always steal my fries or poop on my stuff. It's hard to get seagull poop out of clothing, and it smells bad. I think it's because they're always eating trash. I don't know if I could live as a seagull, flopping around and eating trash. They always fight with each other over, like, a piece of popcorn. It kind of makes me sad. I mean, there's so much more to life, right? They could be out flying over the sea, or hunting fish or something. I don't know. It's probably more complicated than that.

Compare that with the dog. He was just like "yeah! meat! throw stick!" Really, he just seemed happier with life. It just wasn't too complicated, and everything was joyful, running about, barking at the noises and lights. It's really what we all want, I think. So, to answer the question, I really would rather be a dog than a seagull.

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I recommend something unique. Lamb Rogan Josh with some Naan is fantastic - just yelp for the best Indian restaurant in your area.

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@InternetCrab said:
"  multiplayer with campers. I'm gonna play Battlefield multiplayer instead. "
As someone who loves Battlefield far, far more than Blops, what are you talking about? Have I been playing the Recon class in Bad Company 2 wrong this whole time? There are some damn good camping spots in BC 1/2. Hell, there's been pretty serious camping since BF1942.
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My God, it's full of pepperoni. 
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GT is NobleMrPenguin
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GTA IV would be pretty fun. There's a lot of potential for utter chaos and silliness. While it's a shooter [more or less], it's one you can easily get away with not taking so seriously. [Also, I never got around to playing much MP in it, and it still looks fun.]

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Man. Joint Ops: Typhoon Rising was fucking awesome. 128 player matches? Hell yes!

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