Good Games (and other stuff) that have been ruined by obnoxious DLC/User-made content

My main problem with the gaming industry today is that none of them really like to focus on core gaming, and there's one aspect of the gaming market that is killing core gaming more than ever: DLC. Do you want this extra costume for your character in Street Fighter IV? Well, you gotta pay five bucks for it! And how about this new, canon ending to that game you've played through for the past few weeks? It's most likely going to be stuck behind a pay wall, too! This might seem like me mindlessly rambling on about DLC because I'm cheap, but really, when there's an overdose of DLC for your game when you could have easily just programmed it into your game in the first place, that's some bullshit. Hell, some games literally lock content onto the fucking disc and expect you to blast through the pay wall right off the bat! That's just a purely evil business practice right there.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are famous games known for being incredible but also include a level editor so the users can develop their own levels, such as LittleBigPlanet. I usually have no problem with this, as I like to see what the creative minds of the public can produce through their favorite games (read: dicks, dicks everywhere), but sometimes Sturgeon's Law is in full effect with these games. I understand that game design is an incredibly complex thing to understand even if you are experienced with computers and programming, but that really doesn't excuse the fact that some games have downright unoriginal and repulsive user-fed content that basically repeats itself (a lot of you should know what game I'm talking about, but I'll get to that later).

In either case, here are some games that I think could have been great on their own but decided to screw around and either force-feed DLC to us on a daily basis or let the community bastardize it themselves, TL;DR Good Games that have been ruined by obnoxious DLC or User-made content. (again, this is a periodically-updated list)

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