Good Games with One (Or More) Mechanic(s) that Drive(s) me Insane

Each and every one of the series on this list are franchises that I respect with utmost certainty, but have one fatal design decision that really irks me to no end. Keep in mind that these games are in no particular order according to my tastes, unlike my last two lists. I'll put more stuff on this list in due time.

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Posted by ZombiePie

I love the idea for this list. If you can get a couple more games on this list I would be excited to showcase this in the next Community Spotlight.

Posted by MisterBananaFoam

@ZombiePie: Thank you very much! I've added a few more things to the list, and in due time I'll consistently add some more as games pop up in my head. Again, thank you for the reply, and I look forward to the next Community Spotlight.

Posted by Nadafinga

When I read the title of this list, the first thing that popped in my head was the hacking mini-game in Bioshock.

Posted by MisterBananaFoam

@Nadafinga: Wow, I can't believe I missed that one. I'll have to make room for it on the list.

Posted by Little_Socrates

So, I disagree with both you and Nadafinga about the Pipedream minigame in BioShock, which I actually really enjoyed. I also disagree that Ocarina would be a good game without Navi and Kaepora Gaebora. But I agree with most of the rest of this list. Keep it coming!

(Also, you don't need Respect to progress in SR3, thankfully; you just have to play two escort missions within the main story.)

Posted by SuicidalSnowman

I just stumbled on this because it auto-suggested based on a similar list idea I have been working on, and this is excellent. Great picks here, and it is always interesting to see the glaring imperfections in otherwise excellent games.