Levels in Good Games that I Always Hate to Play

I like to reminisce upon the games of my youth sometimes, but I always dread having to replay certain segments of each game. It could be that the level is just too challenging, or that the level design makes it a tiresome chore to navigate around. Maybe it's rather dull and repetitive in contrast to the levels before it, or it could very well be a mix of all three. Nevertheless, these levels often make me either spit profanity like a drill sergeant or go to sleep. Here are some examples of Levels in Good Games that I Always Hate to Play. (Keep in mind that levels unlocked after you get the game's basic ending or bonus levels that have no bearing on your progress whatsoever do not count unless it's a very special case, like levels that are hard if you're going for 100% completion. Per usual I will add more examples as I think of them. Hopefully.)

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