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Cheers fellas!

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How do you do that? What about the downloaded full games and the apps that I have downloaded? And the gamertag on the console?

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I remember when the 360 elite came out they supplied a transfer cable to get your data over but I really like the new white console when it ships later on this year, say if I want one how do I transfer all the data over to another console?

Do you this think MS will offer an official way of doing this when the new consoles (along with the COD one) come out?


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Yeah I loved Peggle but wouldn't it get repetitive quickly?

I loved the everybody's golf series on PS so for a quick pick up and play would I enjoy powerstar golf?

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Out of the main download only games which I believe are Peggle 2, max curse of the brotherhood, crimson dragon and power star golf, which one shall I get? I got a free £15 card with my bundle so can only really afford one

I haven't mentioned killer instinct, for despite how much jeff and the other reviews like it, I have never been a big fighting games lover

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Well I have the day one edition with fifa 14 pre ordered and also a copy of battlefield 4 as well which is a boxed copy, fifa 14 is a digital download...

Now is there any clear advantage to go all digital or all boxed retail? I know the boxed retail has to be installed to the HDD when inserted anyways but did I read somewhere that you can't do the fast switching on a game that has been installed from a disc? Only available on downloaded games?

Even in the year we are now I love having the games I own on the shelf even though the concept on buying a game the day it comes out on the console is pretty cool, I am the sort of person where having some games only digitally downloaded and some on my shelf to be untidy....

But anyways, the question is what are the advantages to getting one to the other... Or both?

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Was in a similar position as the TC, have had a 360 since launch of nov 2005 and have loved it, had a ps3 for a couple of years in the middle of the cycle for the uncharted 2, killzone 2 and heavy rain and to be honest, loved all these games but had the console for about 2 years and sold it after that, bought a blu ray player and kept my 360 all the way through, and still have it today....it does say a lot that I think, not to say the ps3 is a poor system I just think when you add a mixture of, the exclusives, the 360 got a year head start, majority of friends had 360s too.

And we come onto the xbox one, I considered switching, the price was a big and probably the main thing, it was 8 years ago I bought the 360 and I was 18 with a lot more money then, now 26 I have rent, newborn baby, life etc so to shell out £425 for a console is a hella steep, but I just hope to god Microsoft proves all the people who are doubting the console due to the added kinect and larger price etc

I think they probably know what they are doing, with the last gen people might say the 360 won but I don't think you could say the ps3 lost, the same way I think (and hope) it works out a similar way this time around.

Anyways, hope I made the right choice, Microsoft haven't let me down yet with the xbox 1 and 360 so we will see....

People need to play these consoles as well I feel before they slate them for what it hasn't got or has got, there has been way too much of that I feel...


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Haha I thought a couple times about waiting as well, it's just I'm a sucker for getting the console at launch, I believe when I choose 360 when it came out in 05, for the following 7-8 years I chose the right platform, honestly though I don't know if I feel the same about the xbox one, I know kinect targets a certain audience and yes I did buy a kinect when it came out and yes it was a laugh on kinect adventures and sports, but only with family....which is a very small time to play, ie Xmas and that's about it!

Plus the entertainment side of things, were you can switch between your tv and your console? In the uk we have sky and I can't afford that at all so there is no way I will benefit that so I don't really mike what I am paying the £425 for!

Which is why the question (which hadn't entered my mind before!): why not get a ps4?

I dunno, just needed some clarification on getting the ps4 was the best bet, but I maybe should wait...

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I think when you look at the exclusives at launch on either console, for the xbox one I don't think there is anything massively impressive, for the ps4 I am not sure if anything stands out either , now I know a launch lineup doesn't make a console (ie ps2 launch!)

It's just I would like to know of a must must buy coming in 2014, like when the. 360 came out, gears of war and mass effect was coming, ps3- killzone and uncharted was coming

Just hope something like that is coming for next year you know what I mean?

Thanks for your replies guys anyways

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Now I don't know what to do really, I never had a ps3, and have had a 360 since that came out in 05 and have been really happy with it and always planned on getting a one,

It's just nothing is gripping me to eventually get one, apart from titanfall I don't know anything that will grip me in

Now to be honest I haven't been keeping up with what is coming eventually for ps4 but has quantic dreams announced a new title as I played heavy rain and absolutely adored it.

Just don't want to make a mistake really, a lot lf money and I've just become a father so money is far and few between at moment

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