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I think so, Im just sharing how i feel, Is that such a bad thing? I am just putting my thoughts out there, Nothing wrong with that , right?

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Gosh I miss Ryan, He was a real person, Just a genuine guy, I feel Dan really tries way to hard, Just putting my opinion out there, I feel hes trying to make "Stubborn"

who he is and its just getting old.

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The way Jeff was boasting, How could they not do this! Im really curious if he can actually do it! I could also see Vinny secretly sneaking in something funny , just to screw with Jeff haha. I really want to see this!

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When i heard the challenge on the bombcast a few months ago, I couldn't wait to see it on an UPF's, but it never came around, What gives!? I hope to see a blind Jeff scarfing down burgers and guessing where they come from, Whos with me!?

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My goal is tho cut the drinking out, Lose at least 25lbs. Bench around 290. And actually run a 5k. I also did a tough mudder when i was in shape 2 years ago, I loved it!

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I can jog 2 miles, but thats a struggle, I would like to actually run a part of that "jog" haha

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Yes thats why i wanted to start a thread, for tips, suggestions. Things that work for people. We all just need a starting point and motivation too. Personally I always felt less guilty about playing games for a few hours when i spent one hour in the gym before or after.

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I myself want to drop 20 or so lbs, As brad has said this holiday was a lil too kind this year haha, Id like to support users and cheer them on this coming New Year, Just a thought. If there is an active thread on this, please link it too me as I would like to get involved. Thanks!

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I dont think Brad has finished it, but i loved the QL Ive just been waiting for a price drop.

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Just thought id share the info.

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