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There it is! You win! Thank you sir.

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Thinking about it, the elastic and knight uniform is probably a fencing outfit.

So it's basically fencing with a ball you can throw at your opponent.

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Don't fail me, community!

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I wish it had a name that awesome.

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A friend and I remember a game, but not the name. It's killing us.

It was a two player game, each player starts on opposite sides of the screen (like a fighting game).

You were both dressed like knights and were tied to the wall with elastic rope. There was a ball bouncing around the screen, which you could catch with a stick and fling it at your opponent.

If you remember this and the name, you are awesome.

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I feel like such a tiny voice among thousands who are expressing the same thing, but thank you Ryan. You have and will continue to make me chuckle. Devastated when I heard the news but my memories of you will always be happy ones.

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First of all, I should probably give credit to DarkFury - whose blog template I have completely copy/pasted, as I loved his formatting.

Now I am really not a fan of "Game of the Year" discussions, as I believe that games can be played and enjoyed outside of the year they were created and the best game released between January and December is completely irrelevant. Look how many games are released in August compared to November to see how pointless a calendar year is as a measurement.

To be able to do this post, I admit I had to rush at the end of the year to be able to comfortably say I have played all I wanted to play to be able to make a definitive list. I failed to do this (see "Regrets" at the end of the post).

I also made the decision to omit Rayman Origins - which although was released this year on the Vita, the format I played it on - it is a direct port of a 2011 game. If it was on this list it would have probably come in first place, to be completely honest, which is why I mention it here.

Either way, I love a good gaming debate, so here is my Top 10 games of 2012!

Final List


Hotline Miami




Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Sleeping Dogs


Everybody's Golf


Max Payne 3


FTL: Faster Than Light


The Walking Dead


Far Cry 3


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I can't express how close the gap is between my 1st place and my 10th place here. I spend a long time tweaking the order of this list and simply had to stop somewhere. Even more heart wrenching were the games that didn't make it to the list at all, which I have decided to not even start naming - as there were too many. I'm clearly not very good at this listing business.

Regrets, I have a few...

There is a large list of games that I didn't get the opportunity to play this year, but these are the ones that tear away at my soul with guilt, as I should have played them before the year was done. This should give you an idea of the games that were intentionally omitted from my Top 10 - or were ignored completely.

In no particular order:

Asura's Wrath

UFC Undisputed 3

Yakuza: Dead Souls

Lollipop Chainsaw

Dust: An Elysian Tail

Thirty Flights of Loving

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Origin ID: MisterBronze

Time zone: GMT +1 (Madrid)

Most evenings and weekends :)

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@RIDEBIRD: OK, I'm going to do some reading before I make a purchase. I'm going to look into the i5 option.

I'll post the machine I finally settle on here. Thanks for being insistent and thanks for that link too.

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Every single person who posted here, regardless of what you said - you are AWESOME. Thank you so much everyone.

I'm going to go with the processor/RAM upgrade and wait and see what happens with GPUs in the next 18 months. I probably won't go SLI, I just never fancied getting 2 cards, no good reason for it.

@Hunkulese: Thanks for the detail in your post. I actually play a lot of Civ 5 and will definitely play a lot of SimCity, so I think I will go with the i7. Thanks!