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i like to keep all my saves, even if i'm probably never going to play the game again. the crazy thing is some games (like serious sam hd) use steam cloud but don't sync your saves!

i wouldn't pay for steam cloud to keep doing what it's doing or to support more games because i could just do a little research and write my own program to back up my saves for me. oh wait, i already did! well, mostly — still have that automation thing to do.

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i don't use the overlay browser at all. if i need to look at a wiki while playing a game, i bring it up either on my laptop right next to my desktop or my phone.

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this was fun while it worked — now i'm getting what appears to be a spam page.

interestingly, i posted a blog on giant bomb about a site i built to use steam data to answer questions i had and it got deleted by a mod. the differences between this thread and my blog is that mine said it was a blog post, i called mine a site not a script, and i didn't link to giant bomb accounts. from the mod's explanation of why mine got deleted, this one should also be deleted, but here it stands. maybe it's that linking to giant bomb accounts thing that saved it — my site almost supports that so maybe once it does i'll try a different approach to sharing it with giant bomb.

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i install windows 4 times a year, and it definitely only touches whatever partitions (these usually map to drive letters) you tell it to touch. well that and the mbr, but you don't care about the mbr unless you run more than one operating system like i do. just boot the windows install disc and tell it to format and install your ssd. it'll even show you the partition labels so if you are worried about not knowing which to pick you can rename the drives in windows explorer before rebooting to reinstall. while you could install with your secondary drive disconnected if that makes you feel better, that's going to mean windows won't know you have a secondary drive. in my experience windows is better at setting itself up if all the hardware is connected.

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i got one of each. i'm holding onto the assassin's creed contemplating whether i want to pay $25 for it, but not interested in heroes of might and magic, so if anybody still needs one you could hit me up too

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when i saw the title i thought this was about giant bomb

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i've been using windows 8 since the developer preview came out, so i guess that's a yes.

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@Aus_azn said:

So you basically did it once every time this advanced past a colored block? I was considering doing it every 3 blocks.

i don't follow architectures so much as generations (which wikipedia calls brands), and i wait for the smaller fabrication to come out in each brand before i move to that brand. i currently have a core i5 (sandy bridge) since 2010, previously a core 2 (yorkfield) since 2008, and a pentium d (smithfield) since 2007. it's usually every other year, with a new video card years i don't upgrade the cpu. waiting for a second code name to come out usually makes the brand more affordable.

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i usually do a cpu/motherboard/ram upgrade to the first architecture change of each new cpu generation (my latest was a socket 1155 i5), and video cards typically about halfway in between.

i keep the power supply, case, hard drive, and dvd burner until they're no longer compatible with the motherboard. the last upgrade there was probably to go from ide to sata.

anything that gets replaced by an upgrade to my main computer goes to the basement computer, which acts as a file server and records tv, so that's typically running the previous cpu generation.

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Is it just me or have the Indie Royales seemed to be a little bit lackluster in quality overall?

I had high hopes with the first one since I actually had Sanctum and Nimbus on my wishlist, but yeah since then I've been much less impressed. It seems like to fill out the bundles more they started including some little rinkydink games but there's also usually one game I had been previously interested in and don't mind paying around $5 for if I get a few other games with it that I might end up liking. And now for 3 alpha games when most bundles are 4 released games it's still the same minimum price. A part of me wants to collect them all but since Indie Royale doesn't even go to charity I have to feel like the games on their own are worth it. Frankly, games I hadn't even heard of before aren't going to be worth as much to me.