My view on the upcoming games...

I thought i would share my (expert) thoughts on upcoming big name games. Everyone knows the names and has read something about them and we have created our own views of the games, i would just like to give you mine. And so here goes my views on games across the platforms...

Mirrors Edge 
A new game by EA, that looks amazing. Its set in an alternate universe one that looks extremely nice i might and and totally switches the gameplay up. There are few things that  i have a problem with though,  how repetitive will it be for one... once you walk across pipes or climb over a fence will you see those same pipes and same fence over and over again? Or will each new set of pipes feel like a new experience. Another thing is how will the controls feel with the gameplay, will a small nudge mess you up? And a final thing i question is how linear will it be? I have seen the gameplay footage and parts of it have seen extremely linear. For example on the much seen level after they enter the building there is a sequence where you have to hop up on to some boxes and climb across some pipes to get to the vent system, when looking at the it looks extremely linear you can only get out of that situation by jumping on the boxes grabbing on to the pipes and then hoisting yourself onto the vent system. Besides that the game looks extremely nice and fun to play.

Gears of War 2
Yes, the highly talked about sequel to the great XBOX game. It does look nice and is an improvement over (color and enemy wise) the first but something doesn't seem to sit right with me. I cant totally put my finger on it but i have formulated some possible aspects that spickers my bean curd (guess the movie reference). One, it seems to have come out way to soon i didn't expect a sequel for at least another year. Will the game be to short because of it. And a second thing is that I don't see any drastic changes it is extremely closely related to the first one. Did they just slap on some new background add some enemies and a few extra things here and there? But there is one thing for certain is that this will be a strong game and will sell well.

Wow when i first saw this i was like "this is cute and wont work if people don't buy the game." More recently i have been blown away by how it looks and level of fun it looks like it has. I was humored by how Sony showed there yearly stats using LittleBigPlanet as building blocks. Sony definitely took the cake (which is a lie) on the most interesting financial figures out of the Big Three at E3. But i still believe that if no one goes out and buys this new game, it wont do that great. I don't think enough people (those who don't closely follow the gaming industry) know about this Sleeping Giant. I hope that LittleBigPlanet does well, but maybe that is just because i found that a waving sackboy donned in a Killzone 2 outfit cute.

I am trying to think of a wii game that i can talk about and no big ones pop out to me. Maybe Mega man 9 (even though it is coming to XBL and PSN) , Animal Crossing is a possibility, or maybe Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. But none of them are HUGE releases, nintendo needs to get some big games to come out soon. There are games like Pikmin 3 but not much information is known about it for me to talk about it. But for the sake of Wii i guess i will go with Megaman 9 which i had the most problems with (the wii is pretty strong so it can take some pain).

Mega man 9
Here is a game made just for original megaman fanboys down to the limited number of pixels. I was surprised at firs that it was going to come out and then next i was surprised that the graphics weren't going to be improved!!! At least make the small guy look better you don't have to make him bigger and make him look like the megaman in later games but please improve what he looks like and get him out of his doomed 8-bit proportions!! This game will probably do just okay it wont be great just because of the difficulty level and that the actually gameplay is only known by the fanboys. I wonder what extra game play there will be because the megaman game by itself wont be alot

That is it for my UPCOMING LOOK at big games, later i will look at the HandHeld consoles and the PC/MAC games that are coming out.

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