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Nice write up, one small point is I think you kill Ner'zhul and not Gul'dan in the Shadowmoon dungeon.

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Thats just NASTY...

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haaaaaa super bummed that you are leaving, but best of luck in your future endeavors.

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Super bummed about him leaving, but I am looking forward to see what he does in the future. The job listing for the position at Giant Bomb East makes more sense now.

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@i_stay_puft: I would love to see Alex writing again. I think he does some of the best writing on the site. And does a really good job of breaking down issues and has really good insight into the gaming world.

I would also love for some very different personalities to apply. As a personality driven site, I think it is important that you have a lot of different opinions on topics and brings something a little different to the quick looks. (Even better if they don't like professional wrestling :D)

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I really like the idea of Giant Bomb having a lot of horror themed content in October, makes this month a little different from the rest of the year.

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It may sound weird but I am really interested to play this. This medium allows people to approach ideas and emotions like this in a visceral sort of way, and I want to experience that, the visions of the creator, and the world they create.

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Fingers crossed that whoever @DanRyckert’s new boss is, they will allow him to continue to guest on our wrestling podcast.
5/30/14, 9:55 AM


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Woah, this is crazy and cool, and should be exciting for the site as a whole. It will be interesting to see how the personality dynamics change, and how the site expands. I trust giant bomb to do it correctly though.