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unfortunately some of what I have seen so far (just from the trailer) it seems like there will be some gratuitous nudity just for the heck of it, but I feel in addition to that the main lady will play a big enough role in the game that all of that will make sense to a certain amount.

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I played the demo of Valkyria Chonricles 2, Still deciding whether or not I should pick up the actual game. But that is cool they are coming out with 3 on the PS3

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about 8 batmans!

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Burn Notice, I am not positive why but I just feel like it would be fun to be in that show, to be around some semi-talented actors as well as see how those people are in real life compared to the show.

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Very cool idea, can't wait to see what people post up and if this continues and I finally get photoshop I will try my hand and making some of these.

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I feel for me I have never read all of the articles, I only read those that interest me so I am fine with the quantity they are putting out with out too much of a fall in quality. In addition if I feel like I may have missed a quick look or a video feature that is easy to remedy by just visiting the video page. But I guess to each is own. Also on a side note, your title makes you sound like marcus... 

  It doesn't come till the very end for those who are interested.
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I think video games are going to become more stylistic. I.e. addition of video affects, cut scenes that go beyond what we see today and et cetera. But who can really know?

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haha great quotes. Personally I cracked up big time while listening to the BatmanBatmanBatman part of a recent bombcast.

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I would love to but unfortunately I wont be in Seattle yet, I will get there two weeks later so wont be able to attend. Hopefully one year I will be able to go 

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wow I thought it was just some DLC when I saw the title but a whole new game.