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Scoops scooping up those hot scoops.

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Fobwashed you never cease to amaze me.

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I think we need to refocus our efforts and what we are looking for. On the CAH tumblr it says

  • The reason we included the cipher is that we thought it would tell you what to focus on to crack the first step of the puzzle.

So I am assuming based off of that, for the first part of the puzzle it would be word or letter based, leading me to believe that it is not the colors on the front. This entire thing is called 12 Days of Bullshit, and on each of the envelopes there is CAH's take on what present is given each day. I think if we look at it in the context of the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Haven't been following the Reddit thread so don't know if this old material.

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@flappy: heheheheheehehehe I got where you are coming from.

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Definitely glad to see Drew being incorporated into the regular content, he always seemed like such an interesting guy and he is a wonderful addition to the bombcast I feel. He adds a really nice dynamic and alternate view to the other guys in the squad. Glad he is on this site.

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I don't play DOTA and have never actually played a MOBA but I have a pretty good time watching the Daily Dota, good times.

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On the subject of tablets, I hear an iPad is pretty good...

Huh I have heard the same thing, crazy. Maybe Rorie should check one of those out... not like he would be against that or anything :)

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Cool to have you on the site Rorie

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Dave you are incredibly awesome, and it is sad to see you go, but I understand it is for the best for you.

Also that is cool that giantbomb picked up Rorie, I was hoping they would.

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Having the same issue in 6.0.3 as well.