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Very enjoyable.

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Really good read, always fun to peer into the mind of someone and how they work, and this work is a nice entry into Patrick's mind.

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Always felt he looked a bit like nathan(Robert Sheehan) from the show Misfits

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Welcome back Scoops.

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Yeah I feel like the Giant Bomb community has changed over the years. I definitely had a more positive view of it and the forums at one point, but now I just don't have much interest in even going near them. I just happened to see the title to this one which is what brought me here.

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Well personally I feel like Klepek offers a nice alternative to what the rest of the crew already has, it was a good hire for Giant Bomb to expand their base in what they play and what they think, and Patrick offers some nice commentary.

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I like that this guy stood up and said something about this. To be honest people will always want how they imagined playing a game was, and expect that to continue, but what if that were to change and instead of trying t recreate those feelings through the same type of game we create new feelings akin to that with new games. For me I try to support new IPs more than established franchises because I want to say thank you for trying something new and going out a limb, those experiences are what is exciting, falling in love with a new game, not trying to fall in love again with a game you are already in love with. It is like trying to experience that first hit of a drug again, almost nothing compares to that first hit and you are constantly trying to recapture that hit with larger quantities of that same drug but nothing compares, it is until you switch it up and try something new that you can experience a new kind of hit. (I am not saying games offer similar side effects in any way, just was a good example haha)

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2012 is turning out to be an interesting year of good conversations in gaming... keep it up!

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This article by Fox Meadows breaks the entire issue down with incredible clarity. Bringing in other examples of rape culture to get a better understanding of the whole situation.

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Went and saw it a couple months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.