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Currently in Japan and trying to play with a really close friend back in the States today, and because of the time difference there is not a lot of time in which we can play together so it was a bummer to find that the servers were down.

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Muir Muir!

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I actually like the fact that the direct player choice on stats was excised because it was a pretty bad system. One felt there was a specific way you had to spec to truly get everything and make the hard modes viable. Also from my experience in the Beta I enjoy the rune systems and skill systems a lot more than DII.

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I really like smash bros so I have some idea of a hope for this game.

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It is true that I really don't feel like I know a lot about this game compared to other games coming out.

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Giant Bomb should start a series call Trick or Treat, where patrick goes around playing horror games, similar to what Kessler and Lemon were doing.

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I will definitely give the podcast a listen for a few weeks and see what I think of it. After having lived in Japan for a good portion of my life, I very much enjoyed the Japanese Video Game lifestyle, and was a Monster Hunter Fanatic for a good period of time there, so I would love to listen to more of what is happening in Japan.

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@Humanity: That is a great question actually, and the thing is that I am not sure yet, I will figure that out though. With skyrim the only thing that I would be iffy about would be that the combat can be, I guess, unwieldy at times, but I think considering the depth the world of Skyrim has I think he would enjoy that aspect of it.

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@PerryVandell: Wonderful, that would work out perfectly, thank you for the reply.