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Here's my history with it- played ACII and Brotherhood, loved them both, tried to play III, for bored within a few hours.

So far I'm loving this game. Disclaimer - I love pretty much anything with pirates in it. But it really feels like they made ACII work, the open world feels more open and more full of stuff to do, the upgrades are very useful with tons of high level ships roaming around in areas you need to go to, etc. The upgrading feels a lot like Mass Effect 2 to me, not essential to the main storyline so far, but it helps a lot on the side stuff.

Story wise I'm finding Edward a whole lot more likeable than Connor was, and you don't have to play through hours of him as a child so that helps to not hate him.

I'm liking it a lot. So, that's my take on it. If just depends on your plan for next-gen consoles and stuff. Since I'm a Wii U Owner, this was a pretty big no-brainer.

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Absolutely you should play it. I played all three within a month earlier this year, with it being my first time all the way through ME1, my second time on ME2, and my first time every playing ME3. It definitely felt like a Mass Effect game, and the quality held up. There are some things that just feel out of place, with bad combat sections in some parts and a lack of conversation options that turned me off a bit, but the main storyline is fantastic.

And do not play that game without From Ashes and Leviathan. Those were some of my favorite parts of the game. Kind of a bummer, but that's how it is.

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@theht said:


YES! That is the only thing I can think of when I see all these crazy mega evolutions. Good work sir

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I read this article recently and I've thought a lot about it, and was wondering what your guys' opinions were on where gaming is at.


The author says we need, as gamers, shouldn't be satisfied with what gaming is giving us. He makes some valid points about how ubiquitous violence as a game mechanic is, but isn't this a little like complaining about Transformers 3 not being intellectual enough? One gigantic blockbuster game isn't representative of an entire medium's storytelling.

Over the course of this generation, I've loved some of the stories that games are being able to convey. The Portal series and Papers, Please are some of my favorites, that are incredible experiences unlike anything else. How do you feel gaming is doing? What're your opinions on where were at, or where we should be?

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@milkman: the quote is this "the concept of being masculine was so key to this story." (Source)

I, for one, enjoyed Ms. Lambert's article. I got out of it that she wishes Rockstar, who have so consistently pushed video game stories into mature, adult spaces (GTA IV, RDR) have just gone ahead and made another crime game with dudes at the lead. Nobody's played it of course, and I'm sure it'll be at least a very good story, but it would be nice for them to make another leap like the one from San Andreas to IV, story wise. But hey, maybe V will be a revelation in video game story-telling.

I do feel like a lot of the advancements in story telling in games right now are happening in indie games, with stuff like To the Moon and recently Gone Home telling fantastic stories. To an outsider who doesn't always see that stuff though, it still might seem like a bunch of cigar-smoking, Unreal Engine 3-powered supermen duking it out as far as the stories go.

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Huh. weird. I thought the line they had been pushing was that it was more of Elder Scrolls Online as in a co-op game instead of an MMO. But this definitely pushes it into MMO territory. Better bring it with them content updates.

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Hurry up with my damned croissants.

Came in here to say this. Other favorite line: I've been speakin Swaghili

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I am a native English speaker and have learned quite a bit of finnish, and what helped me the most is immersing myself in the language. I had the benefit of living in Finland for a few years, but like others have said watching movies, playing games and listening to music in another language helps a ton. Good luck!

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I played it for awhile but got way bored. The class story is good... but the cut-scenes are the good part, the quests are just typical Wow style quests that move too slow for my tastes. I'm playing a lot of Rift these days, and loving it.

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pc: battlefield 3.