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I'd like to participate but I've never done a charity event before. I really don't have a huge viewership on my channel but I'll whore myself out on the social nets i'm on. What would you think would be a reasonable goal for someone like me? I was thinking maybe setting it at $500 and go from there but i dunno.

I was planning on doing a steam game giveaway and for the TF2 fans doing something like a Mann vs Machine where i'll provide the Mann Up tickets for a $1 minimum donation and possibly throwing in a Surplus Voucher for high donation rounds or something like that.

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Ryan i'm sure its all fine. People who get offended and all hurt by words need to grow up. You said it out of frustration towards an sprite in a video game, something i'm sure 99% of us have done especially if you're of the NES era of games. Words can't hurt you. I'm a fat fuck and you know what? I'd much rather be called a fat fuck than get punched in the face or shot. I can brush the words off, much harder to brush off a wicked right cross or a .45 slug. We need to break through this PC nonsense and oversensitivity to words.

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I'm pissed off at this shit. I was looking forward to this and xfinity on my 360 but i cant use either. Xfinity for whatever reason wont let me log in. I can log in just fine on every other device in my house but not my 360.

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So down for this. If i dont get it launch day i'll prolly get it within the week.

GT: Mister Ugly

feel free to add me but in the request put Giant Bomb or Duder so i know its not a blind friend request

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Yes i know its satire, yes satire usually means fake and sorry i didn't search to see if it was posted before. just hit the link to form thing in the blog post. Wont happen again.

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Why didn't they just come out on stage and yell "Wii U! We don't know what the fuck it is either! Zelda! Nintendo! WE OUT!" end show.

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Hey guys remember that time we played this game on the 64, then again on the Gamecube? Its still worth buying the same damn game again for the 3rd time right?

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Woooo yeah, rollin up to Boston in full Philadelphia Flyers gear.  Gotta represent Philly, can't wait for PAX and all the bandwagon Bruins fan hate.