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On a whim, I decided to mark down when he says it in the past few days of content I've seen/listened to. Based on this small sample, I can say with authority that dude says "it's one of those things where" a whole bunch on any given week.

UPF 2/20/15 - 54:03; 1:04:40; 1:13:58

Giant Bombcast 2/17/15- 1:02:41 "One of those cases where..."; 1:13:13; 1:32:56; 2:18:16

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round - One of those things where CLEAR

Powerbombcast Episode 16 - 21:31; 54:21; 1:02:53 "One of those things"; 1:18:46; 1:23:10

Quick Look: The Order: 1866 - 13:02 & 13:10 "One of those things"; 15:39; 38:57;

The Taller The Jar, The Sweeter The Questions 2/22/2015: 9:15; 10:35; 12:29; 13:46; 14:49; 24:32 "One of those things that"; 25:48; 31:37 "One of those cases where"; 33:34; 37:17 "One of those things that"; 46:28;

It wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't such a nothing phrase. It adds nothing to whatever he's talking about. It's kind of maddening. JEFF, STOP SAYING "IT'S ONE OF THOSE THINGS WHERE..."

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Has anyone else noticed Jeff says "it's one of those things where..." at least once in every thing he does for the site? I've been a fan of his since the Gamespot days, and I've listened to every episode of the Bombcast, and I don't know when this started, but since I've noticed (maybe like a year and a half ago?), not a thing he's in has gone by without that phrase being uttered.

Bells go off in my brain when I hear Jeff say this phrase, and I wonder if it happens for anyone else.


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This Ain't No Game!

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@MikeGosot said:

Also, i need to say this to someone: WTF WAS GOING ON IN DJANGO WHEN THEY GO TO MISSISSIPI!? Holy shit, that was so bad.

It's called slavery!

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@Brad said:

This thread is silly, considering a) I didn't say anything and b) they weren't SPOILARZ!!! anyway, unless you consider "the art style in mission 10" to be a spoiler.

Just don't forget what a bitch you were about ME3 spoilers a year after it came out the next time you want to spoil something.

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Any time Brad tries to argue that fighting games are less compelling viewing experiences in the competitive sense than RTS or MOBA games.

Brad acting like a bitch about ME3 spoilers when it took him a year to play it, but eager to spoil anything he's beaten, with an utter impatience for anyone else that hasn't.

Alex being cynical about everything despite having an awesome job.

That's it.

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You guys have no idea.

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Alex, I am really sick of you priming your true opinions with cynicism and snark. Even if you come out in favor of something, you just have to throw in something catty about how things suck. Lighten the fuck up. Jesus, you have an awesome job. Quit being a little moping bitch about everything.

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It's madness!

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