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@doctordonkey: Yes it was. Even if I run and hide to unlock the door. The defender will probably sit at the door :(

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I killed a defender during an FOB mission, ran to the objective door, and it was locked. The defender respawned and had spawn protection. We continue to knock each other out for a few minutes. Whenever I take him out, I still can't open the door. What am I supposed to do?

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So, uhhh, where is this option? I can't seem to find it.

When you're in your ACC (the helicopter between missions) you can go to your iDroid, first tab will have Customization option.

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Have there been any games that broke street date because so many copies were already being sold? I doubt Konami will release early even if people are getting them all over from local stores.

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PS4 Collector's Editions of MGSV weren't shipped with pre-order/Day One Edition voucher codes. Konami has to send them to sellers, to be emailed to customers. Xbox One versions are unaffected and WILL have the codes in the game case.

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I'm playing GZ again right now and was wondering: Does anyone have any details on (a) what will transfer to TPP from my GZ save and (b) what I need to do in GZ (if anything) in order to unlock whatever will transfer?

There's a main menu option called GZ Data Transfer or something of the like. It'll import the unique soldiers from GZ to your TPP file.

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@pogman: You can hide guards in the toilets.

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I'm picking it up for the PC. I have a decent laptop so it's easy to play on my TV at home and I can easily pack it up and take it with me. Huzzah!

@mitch0712: Given that a certain celebrity is your sole target in one of the side ops of Ground Zeroes, does that mean I'll be able to see that person walking around my MB? That'd be pretty sweet.

I think so. They will be in your list of Mother Base soldiers so it's possible they'll be walking around somewhere.

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@glottery: Make sure you extract all the unique soldiers so you can transfer them to your Mother Base in TPP.

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I feel like most people will buy the PC version because you can get it cheaper in a lot of places and it'll look nicer. But I think the player count will fall off because there's so many games to play on the platform. I think people will return to their usuals like CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, WoW, Hearthstone, LoL, etc.

But on PS4 I think the player count will have more lasting power. Also PS4 gets the online mode two months earlier than PC.