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@krullban: Thank you I was wondering where I heard that voice!

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The dark. I need a nightlight :3

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There was a game that was featured on a Giant Bomb stream where two players are locally on one keyboard and they're trying to hit the other with a ball using bats. Each time the ball is hit it gets faster. It was a free browser game and I forget what it was called. Any help?

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It took me a while to figure out how to find Recently Closed Tabs

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@michaelferrari: Yeah, it shows how much good faith Valve has nowadays. Be it too much or not.

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@ajamafalous said:

Holy shit guys: not every single video game announcement or new thing is meant for you. My PC and TV are right next to each other on my desk so it's not really for me either, but christ; closing your eyes and refusing to see the potential is asinine.

I don't see who it appeals to. Most PC gamers don't need something like this. Console gamers are in their own bubble. Who's it for?

I'm pretty sure Brad and Vinny play PC games on their couch in the living room. SteamOS is for them for sure.

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Thanks peeps, decided to bite the bullet and get it

Feels like a complete game after nearly an hour playing. Heard online does not work, I don't know what that does anyway.

I recommend this like it so far.

The game has online features? What are they? It doesn't have multiplayer does it?

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I'm loving the game so much, I got the Starter Pack and a few costumes. Do you know what "Allow GM's" in Multiplayer matchmaking means?