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I'm using Google Chrome on OSX Lion. I click the button to switch to the dark version of the site and it just shows a hover text box saying "Dark Theme" and nothing happens. Anyone else have this problem?

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Is this supposed to be scary? I swear I saw ghost people when I turned the lamp off in the mines.

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@smokeyd123: Oh yeah oops, just read an article about Dead or Alive 5 and I guess Ayane was in my mind. And no it was absolutely not about the update that put in a shake your controller to jiggle breasts feature. What am I; an animal?!

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What do you all think are the reason behind figure collecting? My girlfriend bought me an Ayane figure from Evangelion and now I keep wanting to buy more figures.

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I want Assassin's Creed set in 18th or 19th century Japan.

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Is it still a thing to pre-load by watching a live game before jumping into your own?

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Even though I lost it was still fun!

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@Andorski said:

The DLC needs to get on sale sometime soon...

It is on sale!

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I was able to get a response from the devs on twitter and they said, "Heroes take Gold from the steaming innards of our employees and, of course, spend it at our Gift Shop for new items and skills!" Good news.

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Anyone have some details on the cooperative heroes component of the game? Like are there RPG elements of leveling up your heroes and finding loot? Because the only thing I've seen that looks interesting so far is playing the dungeonmaster.