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I was able to get a response from the devs on twitter and they said, "Heroes take Gold from the steaming innards of our employees and, of course, spend it at our Gift Shop for new items and skills!" Good news.

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Anyone have some details on the cooperative heroes component of the game? Like are there RPG elements of leveling up your heroes and finding loot? Because the only thing I've seen that looks interesting so far is playing the dungeonmaster.

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I'm on my second playthrough on Normal Ironman with all Second Wave toggles on. I have yet to see the Slingshot DLC mission show up from the council. Is it random when this mission is offered? Does Second Wave cancel out the mission? I've already cleared the first alien base.

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@SeanFoster: I turned ALL the second wave toggles on, it's really fun losing your shit when an alien flanks you. (100% chance crit)

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Anyone else remember the very first trailers released for Mass Effect and Dark Sector. After TNT this week and the talk about Dark Sector's beginnings made me remember these trailers but I can't find them. Anyone else able to find them? I really want to see how the games looked when they just were planned for "Next generation" consoles.

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So if I bought FFXIV right now on Amazon would I be able to install that disc and play the current version?

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Mitch.4502 is my name. I'm online now

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Can someone invite me to the guild?

player name is Mitchl

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1.Steam ID: Mitch0712

2.Server: US EAST

3. Average-Experienced

4. #1 and #3

I'm best with fast acting heroes, I'm all about those Agility heroes! But I can play Support with Intelligence heroes too if need be. I suck with Strength heroes.

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45.34 Hexagon

30.59 Hexagoner

10.37 Hexagonest