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@Deathshroud: So it shows the giveaways from all of my steam groups? What if I just want Giant Bomb?

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Can someone tell me how to filter by Steam group when I'm searching through giveaways?

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@haggis said:

My experiences with online gaming were great during the early- and mid-90s. But Xbox Live has ruined online gaming for me. The service is great, don't get me wrong, but I generally don't like the attitude you find there. So I tend to prefer single-player RPGs.

Yeah I can only stand voice chat if i'm playing with friends. Otherwise it's incredibly annoying with someone who thinks they're so pro that they trash talk people, even their own team-mates.

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By default you can drop your banner with the G key, what is this for?

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@SamFo said:

Master Chief

Thank you for that, I laughed :3

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I think the cloaked characters from Journey would be cool to add. Maybe have them use sand powers? Or have a whip made of the cloth? Also maybe Gex?

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I have the games shipping to my house and I wondered if the demos have any unlocks that could be carried over. Anyone know? Also what are the differences between the regular and game of the year edition demos?

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it's only 20 USD on PSN too, Steam is 25 USD