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Does anyone know where this game is being sold?

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I like imagining Ryan, Drew and Brad on Marines side. And then Jeff, Vinny and Patrick on Alien side.

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Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead, Costume Quest, Amnesia, STALKER, Killing Floor, Dead Rising, Dead Space, Trine

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I'm in North America and all I can find are Black/Red and Black/Blue 3DS-XL's. Is black on black an option anywhere?

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Try not to judge someone at first because of their job. Maybe she's someone that's more than just her job title. Try things out and see where it goes. But don't forget you might need to bail.

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@GetEveryone said:

....I haven't thought about this until now:

Do I own the games in my Steam library?

Also, I cannot run them without Steam, currently, but given a situation where Valve goes tits up, would we be given the option to download them and run them without issue?

Valve has stated before that they have a "dead-man-switch" that will allow everyone to still run all the licenses you purchased if Steam was to fail.

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@psylah said:

I heard the complaint about wasting the golden key on the Bombcast, and how Gearbox should have put in multiple warnings about opening the golden chest in Sanctuary.

Really guys?

It's a chest that looks like no other chest in the game, it's gold with crazy skulls on it, and filigree ornamentation. Something should tip you off there that it is something special. Are gamers such magpies that are trained to snatch every shiny object they see to the point of ignoring the obvious extra decoration and conspicuous placement of this specific chest? Shouldn't they stop and think "Something is different about this one"?

Am I alone in thinking there is some serious blame-shifting going on here?

Your description of the chest proves how instinct would be to immediately run up to and open that badass-looking chest to get that hot loot!

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@VooDooPC said:

Tiny Tina is the crappiest character I've come across in the Borderlands universe, by far. The writing and the voice acting for this character are just bad. Her writing is like a cross between a pimp and a five year old throwing tantrums, then for no reason she make tons of sexual references like "flesh-stick" and "Sexopants". Then her voice acting is like a fat black woman with an attitude.

"These FIIIINE ass womens could stop that train for you but I'ma need their badonkadonks first."

"Oh daaaaayum, you lookin' good ladies"

It's SO bad.

All these reasons are why I love the character!