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One of the community managers for Bungie has said that everyone that signs up for the Alpha will get in.

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Anyone that hasn't unlocked streetpass, what does it say on the port near the ocean? It tells you what you need.

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I unlocked Streetpass but I'm not sure what caused it. I imported a character and then it popped up.

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Does anyone know why my Streetpass/Spotpass button is greyed out? My 3ds has 3 free slots for Streetpass games so I'm not full on those.

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Here's some I made. I used Ryan's from @sergio.

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I'm downloading it now. I will also see what Shaq is up to.

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I checked my Sony Entertainment Network account and my first name was listed as "PS3" and last name was "Iraq"! I have never been to Iraq and I was wondering if this is from way back when PSN had all their leaked user info fiasco. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

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I like it a lot from the hour I've spent with it. I get scared when all of a sudden the cannibals are sprinting around the forest looking for me. I will wait for the game to be patched more before I jump back in because it can get frustrating trying to manage items. I can't eat any of my medicine for some reason :(

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Eight slots left!

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Okay I made a Season 1 fantasy league for Giant Bomb.

Fantasy League ID: 168015

Fantasy League Password: bombcast9

It's using standard scoring. Are there requests for when we should draft?