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Follow up: They ended up charging me. I guess they knew.

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343 Industries is planning to reset everyone's matchmaking rank. It will happen after they fix the bug that makes people hit maximum rank after playing games online. So just enjoy any matches you can get into if you prefer the Halo 2 Anniversary playlist; and don't fret over your rankings just yet.

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Putting mine down too, picking this up today: Fredddi43

Is this misspelled? I can't find it.

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I got a free physical copy coming today. I pre-ordered from the online Microsoft Store on the 9th and didn't receive it launch day, so I requested a cancellation so I could just pick up a copy in-store. After it was canceled at 3am on the 12th when the order was still "In Processing" I got an email saying it was shipped 6 hours later.

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I've added everyone! Again, mine is Mitch0712

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Runs horrible on Xbox too :(

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How do I join?

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Add me! Mitch0712

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Website not available.

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Thought we should go ahead and share gamertags with each other. I'm thinking a lot of people will be getting an Xbox One this holiday and might want some friends for Halo.

Mine is Mitch0712