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I would say some of mine were: 
-Killing Flemeth with a super cool kill animation when she is defeated in Dragon Age: Origins. 
-Each time i kill a sniper with The Wrangler and my sentry in Team Fortress 2 
-Each time i bleed an enemy to death with the Engineers spiked wrench in Team Fortress 2 
-Charging an enemy infantry's flank with cavalry in Empire: Total War 
-Fighting for my life in the last moments of Alien Swarm waiting for the air ship. 
-Being scared out of my mind walking around at night in Stalker: Call of Pripyat by having a mutant jump at me, knowing i now have to kill this thing... 

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Hmm wow I really want to know what's going down

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@face15 said:
" I'm running Chrome and I can use the video player with no problems at all.  @face15 said: 
" I'm running Chrome and I can use the video player with no problems at all. "
What OS are you running?  I'm on windows 7 64bit
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Help us Dave Snider!

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@NotoriousPIG said:
"  But I have to say that I really don't care at all about some of them... I mean, holy hell. Nose width, nostril angle, nostril width, nostril size, nose height, and then 20 more options for just the nose. I just leave it. I can't deal with that. Usually it doesn't really help making them look unique anyway since it's all based on a face model made by an artist that they then tweak with values/bones. Good example, Any mmo. When zoomed out everyone looks the same except for the big differences like facepaint, tattoos, hair or such. "
I also think it's rediculous to have nose/nostril slider type stuff for jawbones and cheekbones.  Why do i need to adjust my browbone when all you notice is hair and facial hair?
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@Mikewrestler5 said:

" I don't give a fuck. "

Haha either you are either an extremely hardcore gamer, or an extremely casual player lol
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So do you guys think auto customization is a cool thing? Like the changing of appearance based on how you play such as the Crackdown, Fable, Mass Effect, KOTOR games? Or will you take player controlled customization over auto in all cases?

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Developers are spending loads of their time and money to add creative customization aspects to games (that's mainly what APB was all about).  Even if you will be playing a game in first person perspective, developers offer customization options to the players' appearance.  What do you guys think about this part of gaming? Whether it's single-player, multiplayer, first person, or third person gaming.  
 Personally I feel it's pointless when in first person games like Blacklight: Tango Down or the upcoming game Brink.  I understand the appeal in third person games like Torchlight and countless MMO's because you can marvel at your own character/better equipment with a sense of pride.  But the only thing I do in first person games is affect my peers and their experience when it comes to playing with my character; and that's only for multiplayer games.  In Fallout 3 or the Elder Scrolls, I felt that my character should just get stronger instead of having to put on clothes for the stat buffs; I don't even see them 99% of the time I play the game.  It does make sense however to have a first person game with different weapons or modifications like Blacklight: Tango Down; because I see my wicked slick gun I worked for right in front of my face. 

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good times, i have 16 hours left of gametime but don't think i'll play the game for a while

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i'm having the exact problem, I also have tried re-installing Google Chrome, as well as Adobe Flash.  Still can't use the buttons in the video player.  Can only start/pause by clicking the video window.  Also, this problem doesn't arise when using Comic Vine, Anime Vice, or Tested