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The only table in my apartment is a low coffee table in the living room. Does anyone know of a good felt table for tabletop gaming out there? I've been tired of my aching back after hunching over to play Dominion on our coffee table.

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Dominion and The Resistance

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Can you do mine please? You're doing a good job on these!

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I played the first season on PS3 since it was $5 cheaper and was wondering if I need to play season two on the same platform to keep all my past story choices. Or have those all been severed for the next season? I would love to play on my PC instead.

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This has happened way too many times. If there's cops chasing you and the game migrates the host, the cops can bust you while you are still in the loading screen! It sucks having a heat level of 10 and losing all of your points (clip here)

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This was a bug where Kenway's face was stuck like this during cutscenes as well as in-game.

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Kinivo makes great HDMI switchers

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If I tell my PS4 to output at 1080p on my 720p TV will that make it overscan or "supersample" to make everything look smoother? I thought downscaling a 1080p input to 720p would look better than a 720p input. Is this right?