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Kinivo makes great HDMI switchers

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If I tell my PS4 to output at 1080p on my 720p TV will that make it overscan or "supersample" to make everything look smoother? I thought downscaling a 1080p input to 720p would look better than a 720p input. Is this right?

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What if it was on PS4? Since they'll have the same framerate cap I'm fine with it not being on PC.

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I love what Criterion did with Hot Pursuit. I've got it on PC and was wondering what you guys think of Rivals and how it compares. Thanks in advance.

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I have mine set this way: Press share button once to take screenshot. Double tap it to begin recording. Hold to bring up share menu as well as saving the last 15 minutes of gameplay. I'm still not sure if that's how it works when it comes to saving past 15 minutes. But I think you can only save past 15 minutes if you bring up the share menu by holding the button. Otherwise you're just beginning a recording from when you double tap or single press depending on which control scheme you use.

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This bothers me as well

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Has anyone seen a list of all the voice commands? Maybe of the ones that are yet to come in an update as well?

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Oops, I didn't realize the holes on the controller were just for the speaker.

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Spend it on PS3 games if you have a PS3. There's always nice sales going on with PSN.

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There's a streaming option to turn off the chat overlay.