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Is it normal for me to try and play it from the media bar and it says "Installing Application" for over 10 minutes? The progress bar under the box art is around 25%.

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Is it possible to play partially downloaded games if they are the digital version and not the disc version? Killzone Shadowfall says the install is ready and I press X on it and it says Installing application. Is it trying to install an update? Or is it installing the minimum amount of the game to begin playing?

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@rolyatkcinmai: What maps are crashing the most? I can't figure out which ones are safe if any :( Also how can I reserve a slot on the server? Thanks in advance!

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Is it best to get the Standard Edition + Premium? Or would I miss out on something by not getting the Deluxe Edition?

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@krullban: Thank you I was wondering where I heard that voice!

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The dark. I need a nightlight :3

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There was a game that was featured on a Giant Bomb stream where two players are locally on one keyboard and they're trying to hit the other with a ball using bats. Each time the ball is hit it gets faster. It was a free browser game and I forget what it was called. Any help?