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@zamaeri09: Mitch0712 I'll play on NA East Servers.

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At the main menu, go to Settings. Then "Getting Started" will put you in the tutorial.

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Add me: Mitch0712

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I'm using Google Chrome on OSX Lion. I click the button to switch to the dark version of the site and it just shows a hover text box saying "Dark Theme" and nothing happens. Anyone else have this problem?

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Is this supposed to be scary? I swear I saw ghost people when I turned the lamp off in the mines.

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@smokeyd123: Oh yeah oops, just read an article about Dead or Alive 5 and I guess Ayane was in my mind. And no it was absolutely not about the update that put in a shake your controller to jiggle breasts feature. What am I; an animal?!

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What do you all think are the reason behind figure collecting? My girlfriend bought me an Ayane figure from Evangelion and now I keep wanting to buy more figures.

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I want Assassin's Creed set in 18th or 19th century Japan.

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Is it still a thing to pre-load by watching a live game before jumping into your own?

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Even though I lost it was still fun!