Geometry Wars 2

I've recently gotten back into Geo Wars 2 because of one fateful evening when Ernie was visiting, we decided to fire it up a bit and take turns playing while drinking beer and alternating between Sudoku and Geo Wars. That got him hooked, he went and bought it, went out and beat some of my high scores which in turn made me pick it up again and try to beat his scores along with my old scores. I have to say... That game still has the allure it always has. It's one of those that you can pick up, play, do great, and put it down. You can waste many hours on it or you can hit it and quit it. It's really great all around. The only bad part I've found so far is that if you have played a bunch of it, you start to get zoned out almost to the stuff that is happening so you need to maybe mix it up and take a break. I think I'm going to play some Walking Dead with Kate watching tonight instead and even maybe some Dead Space since I have both of those to beat still as well. Maybe I'll try to get the guys together online for some Burnout:Paradise instead. That is another light game that is mostly "thoughtless gaming" and you just kinda go at it until you feel like stopping. Guess we'll see. Regardless of what I end up doing, I will still want to play some more Geo Wars and best the scores already posted on Live.