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Patrick's ghost dodging skills were cool though.

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Oakville, ON, Canada

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The art styles coming from Nintendo are so much more interesting then a lot of what we see coming for ps4 and XbOne. Developers are still trying to push realism even though that cant even do 1080 60 fps on most games again. PC + Nintendo best combo honestly, PC graphics will always look far more "next gen". Especially since a lot of us have been playing on PC for years now the jump from those graphics to the ps4 and xbone is just far less noticeable. High end graphics cards from 4 years ago were better.

P.s. I really hope Halo 3 comes out on PC haha

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@lordandrew said:

@thesonygamer12: You are missing my point. I didn't say it was bad. I'm saying that mainstream audiences don't care about Atelier Totori, or the rest of the Atelier series, or many of the other JRPGs I've seen you mention before.

But that's fine, because they aren't trying to be super popular like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. They're selling well enough that new titles continue to be developed and even localized.

i still dont know how tales of is niche over here though

You cannot compare mainstream games here with numbers for foreign games. I gather that the mainstream gaming audience doesn't even read Giantbomb for example, probably doesn't know IGN or gameSpot either. All they care about is getting the cool game they saw advertised during a sporting event, billboard on a building or a bus. Or if it has a pop culture cache like GTA, Madden, Call of duty, used to include Halo but that got to nerdy and scifi for the mainstream. ;)

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@thesonygamer12 said:

@sterling said:

@thesonygamer12: Way to take what I said completely out of context.

well dont make it sound like theres not any ps3 rpgs

and dont forget the japan only ps3 jrpgs awell

I wonder if they call other RPG games WRPGs haha.

As a PC gamer I recommend not caring what people think about your favorite gaming platform, music style, TV shows, game genre etc. It doesn't matter when the vocal minority puts out there. In business units moved generally controls whether or not they will continue to release the same types of product.

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Baby face Caravella

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Holy shit basket! That spider gif...

Also, do the fly markings on the walls mean something, or is just decoration??

I wish the rocks looked less dithery...

Yah, that attack spider combo apparently coming form only 2 items. I can't wait to see the crazy new synergy and broken combos in this new one hehe.

Hmm, the markings are probably just decoration child like cave doodles maybe.

Yeah the rocks stood out to me too. Everything else has been visually updated since the last teasers I saw so I would expect they are going to change them before release. They are going to have a bunch of other effects(pixel shaders I assume) in the game too. Specifically they had mentioned candles, fire, grass, and foliage. Leaves me wondering where said foliage would be new outside level perhaps. Or a day dreaming Isaac.

Going back to playing the original honestly the animation looks way more fun and awesome here(considering these are only gifs too).

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@csl316 said:

Can't wait, I'll have another game to play while letting Giant Bomb videos go. Spelunky, there's only so much I can do! Hopefully Rogue Legacy is close behind.

I am praising lord Gamblor while watching Breaking Brad hehe.

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That new tech eye looks crazy.

That is the effect of the one that makes your tears orbital stacking with the laser. : D

While the others are Brimstone and Tech 2 stacking with homing effects.