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I love this article and will be sure to link it to my peers, game design students.

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The ones that don't make games with "best value" up sells.

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Mad Max is incredible, do your selves a favour and go see it.

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Dredd 3D

I think you can just call it Dredd.

Fury Road was the experience I had hoped to get from Avengers.

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Love that on beat ending.

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@majortoms said:

They have a majority market share on people's game libraries, and now they want to start stripping us of the freedoms and openness they used to profess about. Serious: FUCK OFF.

Example? What has Valve done, including this most recent thing, that changes how you buy/play games at all?

Are you seriously asking how putting previously free workshop content behind paywalls impacts peoples' ability to play their games?

Here's one: I used Wet and Cold. Now I cannot use Wet and Cold unless I give them money or if I want to settle on the old outdated version that won't be seeing any more support on Nexus. From where I'm sitting, that looks like a pretty big impact.

Now there is a reason for those mod developers to keep it updated. Perhaps they would have abandoned the project but now there is an incentive. Also @majortoms there is nothing stopping people from putting up their mod up for free.

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@notnert427: I bought a new laptop that came with it, installed classic shell and aeroGlass. Now I just have a sexier and faster version of 7. I noticed it was faster generating thumnails and indexing files. I haven't seen the fullscreen start menu in months.

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I too found love for the guys during the The Arrow Pointing Down podcast era. This was after I read about the firing of Jeff. I didn't spend much time reading game sites at the time. I was in highschool with a co-op placement at a computer repair shop. I spent most of my time finding funny videos, the slightly older guy would do the hard work in exchange. He explained the whole gamespot X Jeff situation in more detail. I was a really big fan of podcasts at the time, now I mostly just listen to the Bombcast.

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@humanity: @oldirtybearon: Jeff grew up in the age where many games were overly difficult for no reason. I think that informs part of his feeling about the over stated difficulty, as in it's really nothing new.

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@patoday: A new one every time I save. I play on a computer though. So many mass effect saves.

@zeik: Custom names for the saves on some games.

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This is awesome, just wish I didn't have final projects to work on. I am studying game design and its getting close to crunch time here.