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Whisper of the Heart is an often overlooked Ghibli film that I really liked. Top 3 for me.

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I have the speedrun record for Kabuki Quantum Fighter on the NES (10:26).

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Yep, the story has a different feel as others have mentioned and the pacing is slower. I actually stopped playing the game entirely for almost a year at one point, but when I eventually returned to it I absolutely fell in love with the game. I hope you stick with it.

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I don't have anything to say other than you probably should have just named it GBMD, GB Members for Diversity.

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Being a member of the speedrun community, I was wondering how well Alex would mesh with the speedrun crowd. It was cool that everything went well. Nice job Alex!

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@hassun: @epidehl: This is real depressing because now I'm watching on Twitch, and Twitch chat is just an endless stream of emotes and exclamation points.

You can connect to the quakenet chat. It's pretty much the same as your typical giantbomb livestream chat. There's a webclient on the site but you can use any client to connect to it, should be server, room #sdamarathon.

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Wait, is this really happening? Alex is gonna speedrun Big Rigs during the Awful Games block?

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I played Diablo 2 on and off all the way up to the release of Diablo 3, so probably something like 2000 hours there. I'm sure I racked up hundreds of hours playing Smash Bros. and Perfect Dark with friends after school.