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I'd say like.. 30% of what I listen to is video game music? After recently finishing Persona 3 I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot.

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I usually only play one single player game at a time, especially RPGs. Depending on how well the mechanics are laid out, I might look up some stuff online while I play. I avoid straight up walkthroughs. If I reach the end of the game and I'm still into it, I'll do all the extra side stuff I can, then look up what I missed and do that too. I'll usually play for a few hours at a time. If the music gets repetitive or is constantly interrupted by battles, I won't hesitate to turn it down and put on my own music or a podcast.

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As someone with Depression one of the first things I had to learn was how to take pride in accomplishments that other people would think of as mundane. Yay, I showered today. Yay, I didn't nap today. Yay, I went outside today. That sort of thing. Nothing special to most people, but when you're depressed, these are truly accomplishments.

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Scored 0. I'm a 27 male.

I must have played around with a few squares for a solid few minutes, though. It just didn't look right no matter what I did so I settled for what looked most right. With how uncertain I was, I was surprised to score perfectly. My monitor is nothing special.

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The reason speedrunners improve their own records is because for most of them, it's less about being the best and more about being their best. It's part of the reason why, despite being an inherently competitive thing, speedrunners are so cooperative with each other. They share and discuss strategies and encourage each other. I think it ties into the nature of speedrunning. Even if you're competing against someone else's best time, when you sit down to speedrun, it's you versus the game. Even when someone's time is beaten, while part of them is a little sad, part of them is definitely happy just to see the game be beaten even faster.

Cosmo is a great spokesperson for the whole speedrunning community. He's been doing it a long time, he's a big part of the community, he's smart and perceptive, and most importantly he communicates well. I've seen him do other interviews before so I'm expecting something good, Patrick!

I hope Patrick asks him about the cooperative nature of the speedrunning community, how people build on each other's work to refine the route over the years, and how speedrunning has changed and grown over the years with the rise of easily captured video and live streaming.

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I don't have OCD, which is the core of what your post is about, but I have been dealing with Depression for about 8 years now. There was a thread on GIant Bomb about mental health I keep bookmarked as a sort of reminder that I'm far from alone in my illness. If I recall there is a little less understanding than is on display here (which is beautiful to see btw), but maybe it's something you'd like to read if you haven't already.

The main reason I wanted to respond is because it sounds like you've really come a long way in your recovery. I recently hit a snag in mine when I realized that despite all I had learned, despite all the work I put in, I was still vulnerable to falling into the same traps I did when I had just started. Sure, I was able to recognize what was happening and it took far less time to recover, but it was discouraging all the same. I had (distorted) thoughts like "I should be past this by now, shouldn't I?". I always knew recovery was a lifelong process but I hadn't really internalized what that meant until recently. Judging from your post, you've got the right mindset. You're learning and you're growing. You're a student of mental health and of yourself. I just wanted to encourage you to do your best to maintain that mindset over the years, even when it feels like your progress is slowing, as it will continue to serve you well.

Keep up the great work!

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Ah yeah, I heard he improved his time while I was in another stream. He's aiming for 18:20 though, right? Another 9 seconds, tough but doable. Cosmo is a patient guy so I'm sure he'll keep at it until he gets his time.

As for version differences, they're considered different categories. For the more popular games with larger speedrunning communities, people tend to gravitate towards the fastest version. I suppose it's just nice to have the absolute lowest time. Also when most people are all doing the same category, there's a sense of competition that a lot of people enjoy. It certainly helps bring the time down as they push each other farther and farther.

Maybe there was some of it back in the day, but not a lot of strats or route changes are done in secret anymore. Speedrunners are always collaborating with each other to find strats everyone can use. It's actually somewhat of an honour to discover something like that. For something so inherently competitive there is a huge amount of cooperation that I've always admired about the speedrunning community. I think it's partly because at the end of the day when you sit down to speedrun it's you versus the game. Everyone kind of rallies against 'the game' as the enemy, not each other.

Besides, whatever you do won't be secret for long given the nature of the internet.. so why bother?

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I, a male, asked myself why I tend to play as female characters awhile ago and the best I could come up with was I've had a lot of strong female role models in my life, and not a lot of male ones. Because of this, I tend to think of the female option as the stronger of the two.

But there's probably tons of other reasons. Maybe I just like looking at a woman. Maybe I just like mixing things up as a lot of other games have only male playable characters. Maybe I like pretending to be something I'm not for awhile.

What I'm more interested in is, if the essay is right and playing an avatar of the opposite gender is a queer experience (I believe that is the gist of it, yeah?) then... so what? I don't see what's to be gained from that insight, though I completely accept there might just be something I'm not seeing.

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Funnily enough, I'm taking notes as I too play through Persona 3 FES. Fusion is tricky business. I'm currently trying to make an Orpheus Telos that can take on the secret boss on hard mode and it's been a fucking ordeal. This notepad file has got pretty big.

I usually take notes when I plan out character builds in RPGs. Looking through my document folder I've got notes for FF1/5, Chrono Cross, Diablo 2/3, Dark Souls, Dragon Warrior, Etrian Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Kerbal Space Program, Persona 3/4, Quest 64, and Shining Force 1/2.

I never needed the notes to actually complete the game, mind you, just to help me tweak and optimize things. The last game I played where I needed to take notes to finish was Fez.

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Shame about the spoilers, but since it's already out there I guess I'll just go into it.

I died 3 times to Ken and Akihiko, won a close battle against Koromaru and Junpei on my first try, and surprisingly completely crushed Yukari and Mitsuru. Odin carried me to victory with Elec Boost, Elec Amp, and Thunder Reign. The guaranteed shock meant the Brave Blade follow up from Metis was a guaranteed crit, followed by another while they were on the ground. Yukari didn't even get a turn. Mitsuru used her one turn to try to charm me, but I had guessed she would and had equipped charm immunity accessories, which I'm guessing is the biggest hurdle of this fight for most. Lucky I came across those.

Akihiko though.. he fucking knocked me out with his high-crit punches. I probably could have made it much easier on myself if I played more aggressively but I hadn't yet figured that strategy out.