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While the people in your life may have their own problems, that doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to talk to you about yours. Helping someone else feels good and they can take their mind off their own problems for awhile.

Still, if that's not an option then..

There should be some low cost/sliding scale/free mental health services in your area you can check out. Look for group therapy services and such.

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Big changes coming to Giant Bomb.. I hope everything works out, guys.

Though I will be sad that my favourite comedy duo of Vinny and Jeff will be split, I'm looking forward to all the new stuff.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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A friend told me about the site and linked me to the quick look for Vin Diesel's Wheelman. Was hooked right away.

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@monkeyman04: I'm disappointed that the Tumblr response (I won't use the term apology, because it's not) isn't up on Giant Bomb too. This isn't the first time that there has been a journalistic fuck-up, but by deleting the tweet and burying the retraction on an unrelated personal site it seems like a coverup, something that is being played down as less serious than it really is.

Patrick uses both his Twitter and Tumblr for GB business; like it or not, he is representing the whole site and leveraging an audience that likely wouldn't exist without GB.

In the past Patrick has been happy enough to call out and condemn others for thoughtless or careless behaviour on the internet. Writing at length about how destructive and personally hurtful the internet can be, then describing people as 'pieces of human shit' on camera.

To have learned nothing from all this is hypocrisy, and dishonest. Practice what you preach.

If it's any consolation, I found the tumblr response on the Giant Bomb twitter feed.

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@somejerk said:

Don't become a full-time streamer. Go out, be social, study, work, use streaming and gaming for a past-time instead.

- A lot of pro-gamers around the world who hit their 30s after a career of sitting at home (or doing on-site pro-gaming, see SC) who then came to ask "now what"

How is full-time streaming different from any other job in limiting your ability to go out, be social, or study?

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Man you really nailed the feel for each game in such a short amount of time. Great stuff. My favourite is probably the Mirror's Edge reference.

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As someone who only watches a couple of high-level matches here and there, this was a lot of fun to read and watch. Thanks!

Hope to see Melee at EVO.

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Yeah the twitch chat is no place for actual discussion. If you go to there's an IRC server you can connect to that is as tame as any GB chat. You can also use any IRC client to connect to it, it's #sdamarathon. You might need to register in order to talk in the marathon chat. To register you can type /msg Q Hello email@address email@address.

I'm looking forward to Kabuki Quantum Fighter, a NES game that got me into speedrunning. I didn't even know anyone else ran that game so it was a surprise to see it on the schedule.