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Thanks for all the suggestions! They're all on the list, except for the Ghibli films I've already seen (and mostly loved). Especially Whisper of the Heart (I still remember that music scene in the basement). And it may have been half-jokingly suggested but I am almost finished watching Oreimo. As someone who was recently blown away by Katawa Shoujo I could really relate to the premise of the first few episodes. Really like the show so far, a solid 4 at least.

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I like Tony Taka's work as well as Gunma Kisaragi's(especially "Giri Giri Sisters"), and there is this manga called Hatsu Inu that's really good.

Wait, you didn't read that. I certainly don't read hentai manga. And I didn't write the paragraph above this one. It was a copycat... yes, a copycat. I WAS FRAMED!

Weird, Giri Giri Sisters was the first thing that came to my mind too.

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I've been watching a ton of mushy, emotional, drama, romance, slice of life type stuff on Crunchyroll. If you're into that stuff then maybe you'll find this useful.

Ano Natsu de Matteru - 5/5 - Filled with lots of great moments that admittedly are a little contrived but still hit home for me. The best part is a character who does everything she can to expose everyone's feelings. Mostly for her (and the viewer's) amusement. There's a Sci-Fi element that plays a small role and gets more attention towards the end. Really liked it, even though my favourite character doesn't get what they want; poor Kanna

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - 5/5 - A group of 6 close friends drift apart after one dies in a tragic accident. Several years later the girl appears as a spirit that only one of them can see and hear. The group reunites as they try to figure out what wish of hers they need to fulfill so she can move on to heaven. Even if it doesn't quite grab you at the start I urge you to stick with it as the ending is phenomenal.

Hanasaku Iroha - 5/5 - A girl is forced to move from Tokyo to work at an inn in the countryside. It's not the fish out of water story you'd expect. The focus instead is on family and becoming an adult. The emotional ups and downs aren't extreme but it was always interesting. The supporting characters are solid but it's the main character that steals the show. You'll want to keep watching just to cheer for her.

Kokoro Connect - 5/5 - 5 friends are toyed with by a supernatural entity, making them randomly swap bodies at first and eventually playing off their thoughts and emotions in other ways. Unfortunately the main character is a bit of a superhero, often able to find the right thing to say to make things right. Still, the characters are compelling and there are a lot of really strong moments. Make sure you check out the additional 4 OVA episodes! Crunchyroll doesn't seem to have them.

Non Non Biyori - 5/5 - Several, mostly self-contained stories about 4 girls who live in the countryside. There's not a lot of drama or romance but it makes up for it with mountains of charm. The characters are all likable and it has a decent sense of humour too.

Tari Tari - 5/5 - A choir club is formed at school and the 5 characters grow to become friends. Music is a constant theme, particularly composing. Most of the characters have interesting developments but it's the main character's relationship with her departed mother that really stuck with me. Romance is pretty much a non-factor so move along if that's really what you're looking for.

Myself; Yourself - 4/5 - The main character reunites with a circle of friends after spending years apart. It has a dark mood that left me slightly uneasy most of the time. Very dramatic.

Golden Time - 3/5 - An amnesia story with college students. I found the interesting moments were pretty sparse and some of the characters flat. I guess I still enjoyed my time with it.

Nisekoi - 1/5 - The heirs to two crime families are forced to maintain a fake relationship to avoid a gang war. Admittedly I think this show is trying to play off comedy more than romance or drama, but I found it falls short in all 3. There are a few short, surprisingly okay moments of action. The main characters are all utterly oblivious and their inner monologue grew to be insufferable. The show could be carried by the comedy but the gags take so long to play out that they die on screen. The worst part is the mystery of the locket and key that drives the plot is never resolved before the end, so you'll need to read the manga or maybe wait for more episodes if they ever come.

Please suggest more mushy, emotional, drama, romance, slice of life type stuff! I'm starting to run out and I'm still hungry for more. Oh, and the stuff I've mentioned here is pretty much all of what I've seen, so if there's any really obvious classics of the genre then please enlighten me.

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Have you tried looking to anime? There's all kinds of stuff there. There are some tropes and animation quirks that will be unfamiliar at first but if you stick with it you can find some great stuff. I recently watched Kill la Kill because of this thread someone made elsewhere on the site and loved it. It's a little more plot heavy than something like Samurai Jack but it shares in having a good mix of crazy action and occasional light-heartedness. Oh, and some ridiculous outfits.

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This inspired me to check out KLK and I loved it. The action was good and I really liked Ryuko, but what surprisingly drew me in was I thought it was really funny. Anime humour typically doesn't get me to do more than crack a smile but something about the stuff in KLK had me laughing out loud plenty of times. If I had to guess I'd say it has good comedic timing. I find often an anime will take a concept I find funny and run it into the ground by dragging the joke out for too long. KLK tends to be a bit more snappy and relies more on visuals instead of dialogue to tell the joke. I'm also never usually down with the comic relief character but I thought Mako was pretty great.

Of course as things ramp up and stakes are raised in typical shonen fashion, action and plot exposition start to take over and comedy takes a backseat. It thankfully still pops up every now and then but I was much happier with the comedy/action balance struck in the first third or so of the series.

Following recommendations from this thread I've moved on to Gurren Lagann and although I'm only 4 episodes in, it's not quite grabbing me. There's not as much of a focus on comedy. Kamina's macho persona was alright at first but has already begun to tire on me. I'm not really a fan of giant robots (if you can imagine such a thing). I'll stick with it but my expectations aren't high.

Thinking about comedy in anime has me curious though.. do you guys have any recommendations based on humour? Obviously it's pretty subjective but if enough people point things out I'll probably find something that jives with me.

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I thought segue ('seg-way') was a noun for a transition from one topic to another whereas segue ('seeg') was a verb for the act of transitioning from one topic to another.

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I suppose it's a sort of metaphor for the hero waking to the call to action. Or maybe it started that way and now it's a tradition.

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Im guessing the speedrunning community wont be using twitch anymore for much longer. Record runs no longer being archived and a 2 hour limit on highlights. This is pretty shitty, hope AGDQ/SGDQ Vods find a new home.

While this is generally pretty shitty all around, you'll be happy to know SDA has always archived their own marathons. Keep an eye on their site and SGDQ2014 should pop up on the main page within a month or two.

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I really, really liked the REmake of the first game on the gamecube.. but I bet that version is still pretty damn good. Almost certainly won't be getting this new one. Might be an overall good thing if it leads Capcom to focus on games similar to the first one though.

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Tales of Symphonia is a JRPG on the gamecube and was primarily single player, but allowed for up to 3 people to control the other characters in battle. The camera still mostly follows Player 1 and can be trouble. You can stick them in the back casting spells to pull the camera out, but it's not as fun as the melee characters. Also it's.. on the gamecube. There are other 'Tales of' games on PS3 but I don't know if they all kept the co-op feature. You could also turn to emulation and play it on PC I guess. It's a pretty great game overall. Story and dialogue gets a bit cheesy but I really liked it.

If you wanna go really far back you could try Secret of Mana on SNES. It's always the first thing I think of when I see 'Co-op RPG'.