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I really, really liked the REmake of the first game on the gamecube.. but I bet that version is still pretty damn good. Almost certainly won't be getting this new one. Might be an overall good thing if it leads Capcom to focus on games similar to the first one though.

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Tales of Symphonia is a JRPG on the gamecube and was primarily single player, but allowed for up to 3 people to control the other characters in battle. The camera still mostly follows Player 1 and can be trouble. You can stick them in the back casting spells to pull the camera out, but it's not as fun as the melee characters. Also it's.. on the gamecube. There are other 'Tales of' games on PS3 but I don't know if they all kept the co-op feature. You could also turn to emulation and play it on PC I guess. It's a pretty great game overall. Story and dialogue gets a bit cheesy but I really liked it.

If you wanna go really far back you could try Secret of Mana on SNES. It's always the first thing I think of when I see 'Co-op RPG'.

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As someone who recently dove in and watched every Ghibli film, I really hope the studio stays open. I also want to add that I was happy so many people mentioned Whisper of the Heart. It was probably my favourite of the bunch but thought I was in a very small minority. I can't even really pinpoint why I like it so much, beyond the recurring use of 'Take Me Home, Country Road'. Something about it just completely charmed me and I guess I'm not alone in that.

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I recently played Persona 3 and it's right up there with Persona 4.. really made an impression on me and makes me want to try the older games in the series.

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I have a tendency to write complex sentences too so you have my sympathy there. I have some tips, though I'm far from an established writer. One, don't be afraid to use a period. It's perfectly fine to take more than one sentence to make one point. Two, though it seems you've already noticed, try to think about what information is really necessary to the reader. Here's an example:

"There are also countless bricks and bottles also strewn about the landscape to help your shadowy endeavours, which can be used as distraction items to throw either in the direction you want your enemies to search, or in their faces to temporarily stun them before running away or finishing the job."

If you just say "Strewn about bricks and bottles can be thrown to distract or stun enemies." then they'll get the picture. I'm currently writing my first review (which I will also seek criticism for soon) and I had to take a step back and ask myself 'Do I really need to explain the details of all these mechanics?' Generally the answer is no unless there's some specific brilliance or failure you want to highlight.

Lastly on a more conceptual level, your Last of Us review takes a strange turn when you take a single paragraph to discuss common perceptions of the video game medium versus other mediums. Even if your points are valid and you could probably write a whole article on the idea, it doesn't really belong in the review.

Don't want to seem too negative so I'll end with a positive. It seems to me you've got a solid base to build from and there were some parts I really liked, like this:

"This is not the beautiful, rhythmic combat you’d see in an Assassin’s Creed, this game is all about survival and the combat reflects that – it’s pure and filthy endurance at its most base."

I'd probably break it into two sentences and maybe lose the hyphen, but I love the punch at the end. This is a great spot to use such flowery descriptive language, just be careful with it in other places.


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All the good stuff has already been mentioned so I'll post this personal favourite of mine:

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I'd say like.. 30% of what I listen to is video game music? After recently finishing Persona 3 I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot.

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I usually only play one single player game at a time, especially RPGs. Depending on how well the mechanics are laid out, I might look up some stuff online while I play. I avoid straight up walkthroughs. If I reach the end of the game and I'm still into it, I'll do all the extra side stuff I can, then look up what I missed and do that too. I'll usually play for a few hours at a time. If the music gets repetitive or is constantly interrupted by battles, I won't hesitate to turn it down and put on my own music or a podcast.

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As someone with Depression one of the first things I had to learn was how to take pride in accomplishments that other people would think of as mundane. Yay, I showered today. Yay, I didn't nap today. Yay, I went outside today. That sort of thing. Nothing special to most people, but when you're depressed, these are truly accomplishments.

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Scored 0. I'm a 27 male.

I must have played around with a few squares for a solid few minutes, though. It just didn't look right no matter what I did so I settled for what looked most right. With how uncertain I was, I was surprised to score perfectly. My monitor is nothing special.