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The art is still fantastic. Plus 'dotacon' made me giggle.

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Has anyone mentioned Durarara!!yet? I skimmed through and didn't see it. It seems kind of perfect, to me. It's kind of like Sin City except instead of being graphic, grim, and dirty, it's just really fucking... cool.


  • Lots of 'cool-guy' characters, 'cool-guy' moments, and 'cool-guy' lines. (Very important)
  • Dark tone/mood, lots of scenes on the city streets at night.
  • Starts small and simple, becomes interesting in the first episode, and gradually escalates into the big dramatic-and-preposterous-but-I-don't-care stuff
  • Fight scenes are good
  • Scientist dude kind of like Otacon
  • Rad intro
  • Not moe
  • No fanservice
  • Actually kinda funny sometimes, rarely misses with the jokes
  • Headless horseman vigilante dispensing street justice with a conjured scythe (also the horse is also a motorcycle)
  • A dude with superhuman strength punches a dude so hard his clothes fly off and he lands 50 ft away in his boxers


  • 'Main' character (doesn't get too much more screen time than others) is maybe a little wimpy, though he eventually grows into kind of a cool-guy. Has a great cool-guy moment.
  • A bit of time is given to the main character crushing on a classmate, remaining mostly passive about it. Not a major plot point.
  • Despite the rad intro, the first 5-10 minutes or so are mostly the main character being introduced to the city.
  • Two side characters are into anime and drop a couple references that will go over Dan's head.
  • Things escalate to a gang war that could tear the city apart, but the stakes are never raised to world-threatening
  • 26 episodes is a little long

It seems it's been dubbed but I only watched it subbed, hopefully it's still good.

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Some games are better with a story, and some games aren't. The problem comes when a game tries to incorporate a story, but the story is poor. Something likes Watch Dogs is trying to tell a story. Long stretches of time are devoted to characters and plot. It wants you to care about the characters and what happens to them. It doesn't do a good job of it, so it gets criticized for it. Rightfully so, as every time it fails in delivering its story, it takes away from the overall experience.

Whether or not a game has a story isn't what matters. What matters is if a game is telling a story, it should be good.

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I worked the grill at a 60's themed burger place where the employees are expected to sing burger-related parodies of famous songs. At the end of the one year I lasted I was the most senior member of the staff who wasn't a manager. The turnover rate was pretty ridiculous. Classic shitty first job.

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I always thought it was a little weird that you guys went out of your way not to talk about it, but I never considered the "Silence isn't complicity. Silence might also be not letting a campaign of hate and chaos be taken seriously by not giving it a place at the table." angle. It makes a lot of sense and I think I agree with that approach.

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Hrm.. what sets this apart from something like a killing rampage in GTA, for me, is that the violence is the point of this game. I can go nuts in GTA and the game allows it, but it's not really what you're supposed to do as far as game objectives go. I feel like I'm pushing up against the rules of the game world and seeing how far I can go. That's the fun part, not the violence itself. Not to mention the insane violence juxtaposed with the detached nonchalance of the player character makes it easier to compartmentalize what I'm doing as a game. Take those elements away and I really see nothing to like about this game.

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A friend clued me in and linked the Wheelman quick look. I thought it was hilarious and I've been a regular visitor to the site since.

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Gurren Lagann-.........I don't think this show is for me. I've really, really tried to like this. I'm on episode 18 now and I still just don't feel it. Everything is numbing to me. The characters are numbing, the story is numbing, the action is numbing. I'm sort of struggling to get through it now. I'll finish it but damn. I loved Kill la Kill but I don't like this too much. I don't really care about anything I'm seeing on screen aside from a few moments during the first half of the show.

I'm in the same boat. Loved KLK but stopped GL after about 12 episodes. None of the characters in GL grabbed me whereas I thought Ryuko and even Mako were pretty great. I like the red/white/black colour palette in KLK. I also thought KLK had a great sense of humour. And, if you can believe it, I just plain don't like giant robots.

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@gaspower: @sergio: @babychoochoo: @zomgfruitbunnies:

Thanks for all the suggestions! They're all on the list, except for the Ghibli films I've already seen (and mostly loved). Especially Whisper of the Heart (I still remember that music scene in the basement). And it may have been half-jokingly suggested but I am almost finished watching Oreimo. As someone who was recently blown away by Katawa Shoujo I could really relate to the premise of the first few episodes. Really like the show so far, a solid 4 at least.

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@icemael said:

I like Tony Taka's work as well as Gunma Kisaragi's(especially "Giri Giri Sisters"), and there is this manga called Hatsu Inu that's really good.

Wait, you didn't read that. I certainly don't read hentai manga. And I didn't write the paragraph above this one. It was a copycat... yes, a copycat. I WAS FRAMED!

Weird, Giri Giri Sisters was the first thing that came to my mind too.