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Yep, if we want to all throw in behind a single incentive then a FF6 character name is the best bet. There's a couple games where we could maybe get a filename but it wouldn't show up all that often. Assuming the 100% route hasn't changed much in the past few years.. the best characters would be Celes, Edgar, Setzer, or Gogo since they're the ones who fight the final boss. The first 3 especially because they're got so early on. Other good choices are the ones who go to the final dungeon and are got early: Sabin, Locke, Terra, and Cyan.

Edgar is probably the best grab, but getting Setzer would also be cool because his Joker Doom and Reverse Joker Doom techniques are so critical to the run.

If we wanted to do another tribute to Ryan, Mog is another good choice. While he's got somewhat late, he also goes to the final dungeon, his Moogle Charm is a big help to a speedrun, and I seem to recall Ryan talking about him and his voice from that FF6 commercial.

We could also name Umaro 'BEAST', 'GBEAST' or some variation on that. Umaro is got super late and then completely ignored immediately afterwards though.

It's a shame Koffing isn't part of either of the Pokemon games' routes. Sometimes runners will take incentives on the fly to do things for donations, but such a deviation would require a pretty sizable donation and it would be tricky to try to organize.

If you're new to these events you should keep an eye out for: Super Monkey Ball 2, Blasto, Super Meat Boy (blindfolded!?), Mischief Makers, Battletoads & Double Dragon, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Goldeneye, Castlevania, Bionic Commando, Mega Man X, Super Metroid

Should be another great marathon!

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Hah I had a blast watching this, thanks for putting it together!

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The Chrono Trigger soundtrack is burned into my brain pretty good, so when I heard the first 5 seconds of an old song called Bus Stop by The Hollies, I immediately thought of the main riff from World Revolution.

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If a younger female of color

There's an irony in how dehumanizing this is.

No shit. I've been railing pretty hard against how progressive types have segmented people into "white" and "non-white" categories. There are "the white people" and then there are "the people of colour" (i.e. everyone else). It's gross, racist, and more than anything I wish these people would knock it off.

Hmmm.. honestly the only time I've ever heard "person of colour" used is when a white person is trying not to say the word "black" because they think it isn't PC or whatever. Kind of sadly ironic, I guess, given your reaction.

I don't feel like I know enough information to make an informed opinion on this issue. Stuff like the male/female ratio in specific genres, say FPS. I bet it skews heavily towards male but I honestly don't know. If it does, I don't know how much having a male or female protagonist world really effect sales figures. My gut tells me maybe a little, but probably not much. If it would significantly impact sales.. I guess I can't blame the higher ups making those decisions. Especially on the huge AAA games.

I'd like to believe that as long as you make a great game with a great character, it won't matter what gender or race your protagonist is; It will still sell gangbusters. And maybe it's true. Maybe AAA studios are scared of ghosts, avoiding featuring certain types of characters out of a fear of lower sales when there wouldn't be. I used to think there is way too much money being put into market research for a big company to be wrong about a thing like that, but after Square-Enix put out their statement regarding Bravely Default's sales, I'm not so sure. Remember that? They perceived a decline in the RPG genre and shifted their focus elsewhere, but the high sales for a straight up JRPG-ass JRPG showed them that plenty of people were still interested in the genre. Maybe we'll see a similar revelation from other companies and in other genres.

As for me personally, I'm a male who prefers to play a female avatar. And not because of the "if you're gonna be looking at the back of a character..." argument, though I guess it's a small plus. The real reason is I've had a lot of strong female role models in my life and not a lot of strong male ones, so I always view the female as the more appealing, perhaps stronger option when given the choice. Even that aside, I have no trouble connecting with characters of a different race or gender. I honestly have no idea if I'm in the minority or the majority in that.

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Jesus, that's fucked up man. I got mugged a couple years ago by a group of guys and I still look over my shoulder every time I walk home. This kinda thing has a way of sticking with you, and I didn't have a gun pointed in my face. In my own damn home. Damn.

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While the people in your life may have their own problems, that doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to talk to you about yours. Helping someone else feels good and they can take their mind off their own problems for awhile.

Still, if that's not an option then..

There should be some low cost/sliding scale/free mental health services in your area you can check out. Look for group therapy services and such.

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Big changes coming to Giant Bomb.. I hope everything works out, guys.

Though I will be sad that my favourite comedy duo of Vinny and Jeff will be split, I'm looking forward to all the new stuff.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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A friend told me about the site and linked me to the quick look for Vin Diesel's Wheelman. Was hooked right away.