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@monkeyman04: I'm disappointed that the Tumblr response (I won't use the term apology, because it's not) isn't up on Giant Bomb too. This isn't the first time that there has been a journalistic fuck-up, but by deleting the tweet and burying the retraction on an unrelated personal site it seems like a coverup, something that is being played down as less serious than it really is.

Patrick uses both his Twitter and Tumblr for GB business; like it or not, he is representing the whole site and leveraging an audience that likely wouldn't exist without GB.

In the past Patrick has been happy enough to call out and condemn others for thoughtless or careless behaviour on the internet. Writing at length about how destructive and personally hurtful the internet can be, then describing people as 'pieces of human shit' on camera.

To have learned nothing from all this is hypocrisy, and dishonest. Practice what you preach.

If it's any consolation, I found the tumblr response on the Giant Bomb twitter feed.

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@somejerk said:

Don't become a full-time streamer. Go out, be social, study, work, use streaming and gaming for a past-time instead.

- A lot of pro-gamers around the world who hit their 30s after a career of sitting at home (or doing on-site pro-gaming, see SC) who then came to ask "now what"

How is full-time streaming different from any other job in limiting your ability to go out, be social, or study?

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Man you really nailed the feel for each game in such a short amount of time. Great stuff. My favourite is probably the Mirror's Edge reference.

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As someone who only watches a couple of high-level matches here and there, this was a lot of fun to read and watch. Thanks!

Hope to see Melee at EVO.

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Yeah the twitch chat is no place for actual discussion. If you go to there's an IRC server you can connect to that is as tame as any GB chat. You can also use any IRC client to connect to it, it's #sdamarathon. You might need to register in order to talk in the marathon chat. To register you can type /msg Q Hello email@address email@address.

I'm looking forward to Kabuki Quantum Fighter, a NES game that got me into speedrunning. I didn't even know anyone else ran that game so it was a surprise to see it on the schedule.

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Just played through the game, really liked it, been reading some of the threads afterwards and discovering some things I missed. I already feel like I combed the house over pretty good and really don't want to give it another go-over, so I was wondering if anyone knows where to find a list of where all the triggers for Sam's journals are? I've got 21 and I read there's 23 total somewhere. Based on a screenshot I know I'm missing at least May 19.

Any help would be appreciated.

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@holaugrod: Good catch. I can only assume that the dates were shifted around a bit during development. The die is probably just a goof. Also, is it a glitch that you seem to have the same journal entry twice: Oct. 3, 1994, "Hanging Out With Girls"?

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Yeah, I had a bad feeling climbing the stairs into the attic, though I wouldn't say I was expecting a suicide. The red lighting probably unnerved me a little. I was relieved once I heard the journal entry up there, which softened me up for a "d'aww" at the end.

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I told my mom when she saw me watching the Harmonix tribute. I explained how after spending so many hours listening and watching the guys at Giant Bomb, Ryan had come to mean something to me even if he didn't know who I was. I explained how the site and specifically the podcast is regarded by many to be the best in video games. She understood completely.

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I put together a custom soundbank for your Worms team using the in-battle voice clips from most of the cast of Persona 4, a game that I think has become near and dear to a lot of the Giant Bomb userbase, so here it is!

I used a set of Youtube videos as the sources but it didn't include Rise, so she's not in there, and I wasn't hurting enough for lines to go digging for more. It leans heavy on Kanji and Chie because I found their attitudes suit Worms best. The main character (Charlie Tunoku to most of us) is used for the Ows and Oofs, because besides yelling out the name of every persona in the game, that's all he's got. I made and tested this using Worms Reloaded, but it's possible that the .xom file extension works for other versions of Worms (let me know if you try this). Also note that you'll need to send your soundbank to the people you're playing with, otherwise they're going to hear one chosen at random at the start of every match. This is a pretty big oversight, though you'll still hear your own soundbank.

If you were hoping Chie's infamous "Aha! Is this our chance!?" was the start of turn line, you won't be disappointed. =)

If you're curious how to make your own, it can take awhile but it's fairly simple. It took me upwards of 6 hours all told, not including the time I spent testing out which triggers do what. I was also completely new to editing audio, so don't let that stop you. I used 'Youtube to mp3' to grab the audio from Youtube, and then I used Audacity (it's free) to convert it into a .wav, which is the only form of audio Worms will accept. I got lucky and didn't have to adjust the volume (in general the game makes them a bit quieter), but I think you can do that in Audacity also. If you get a big file with all the sound clips strung together (like my sources), make sure to convert it to .wav and test audio levels before you start cutting it up into separate clips.

After that I had a listen to each one and wrote down some rough time stamps of lines in notepad. Then I had a look at each of the triggers that the game has in place for when your team says something, and assigned a line for each one. As I picked them out, I would use my time stamp to find it in the file and highlight the section I wanted to use. In Audacity you can do this simply by clicking and dragging on the.. uh.. squiggly line section. You can zoom in/out with Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+3 to be more precise, and you can be even more precise by entering exact times to 3 decimals in the fields at the bottom of the window. Once you've got the section highlighted, use File -> Export to save it (use unique names you'll recognize). Once you've got your clips, open Worms Reloaded, go to customize, sound banks, and click the slot you want to set a sound for. Find the directory you saved everything in and select the sample. Do this for each trigger and when you're done, click save and choose a name. The game automatically packages it into a .xom file, which is the format the game uses for soundbanks.

I'm still only hazy of the specifics of the triggers, but here's my understanding of them:

- Amazing, Brilliant, Excellent, Flawless, and Perfect are when you have a good turn or land a high damage shot

- Boring and Coward are when an opponent has a turn where he doesn't inflict damage

- Bummer (and Oi nutter?) is when you hurt yourself

- Bye Bye and Oh Dear play on your death

- Collect is when you grab a crate

- Come On Then is when you've got 15 seconds left on your turn

- Dragon Ball, Fire Punch, Kamikaze are when you use said weapon.

- Drop is for when crates drop after your turn (I had before your turn in mind when I selected my line..)

- Fatality is when you kill an enemy worm

- Fire and Watch This are when you attack with various weapons

- First Blood is after landing the first hit of a match

- Go Away, Leave Me Alone, Ouch, I'll Get You, Just You Wait, You'll Regret That, and Revenge are when you take a hit from an enemy

- Grenade is used for both throwing one, and when it lands next to you

- Hello is played at the start of your turn, before you take control of a worm. Orders and Yes Sir are played after you take control of a worm

- Hurry is when you've only got 5 seconds left on your turn

- Incoming and Take Cover are when an airstrike is coming

- Jump 1 is your forward jump, Jump 2 is your backflip

- Laugh comes up in a variety of situations; When an opponent messes up, and when you collect a crate being the most common

- Missed and What The are when an enemy misses you

- Nooo is when your worm gets sent flying off the side of the map

- Oof is when you land after a fall, Ow is when you take damage from something like fire

- Oops is when you miss or don't deal damage

- Run Away is when a grenade or something lands close to you

- Stupid is when an opponent hurts himself or misses

- Traitor is when a teammate hits you

- Uh Oh seems to be used whenever something bad is about to happen to you

- Victory is when you win a match

You can also leave one blank if you can't find a suitable clip and you can use the same file for multiple slots. And.. that's about it, so I hope that helps. Cheers!