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I just beat them today at SL ~99: 30 Vit, 40 Dex/End. I found Iron Flesh to be a no-go thanks to the grab and purple explosion. I did just blitzkrieg them as if I had it on, though. 2H'd Quelaag's Fury Sword, drinking from my flask like crazy when I could. I had enough poise to not be staggered by most attacks. First guy died maybe 2-3 seconds after I saw the second, second guy died 3-4 seconds after I saw the third, but then when the third died I actually had to wait a couple seconds for the fourth to appear. Fifth (I thought there was only 4..) was almost in my face when I finished them off. Anyway, it wasn't pretty. Just a lot of circle strafing behind to try to heal or while waiting for stamina, hacking away whenever the health and stamina weren't low. General advice.. always roll from the forward thrust/grab. Otherwise go on the offensive (you have to take them down as they come or they'll overwhelm you). The purple explosion sucks and I've been hit from it behind and far away and all over. I think the safest place from it is behind the caster.

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I just beat Ornstein and Smough in NG+ at SL ~99: 30 Vit / 40 End / 40 Dex / 12 Fai (for heal). I found it easier than the first time around, actually. I used a Lightning Spear +5 and poked out at Smough when I could, which was more often than my NG run thanks to a much higher stamina bar. Eagle Shield +14 kept me safe from multiple attacks at once. I think Smough may be weak to lightning (and Ornstein resists it). For giant Ornstein I stayed in between his legs and 2H'd Quelaag's Fury Sword +5. When he does the buttstomp, switch back to 1H and just block it (Eagle Shield has 75 light res). When he does the slashing backwards jump, make sure you get back under him (hopefully he didn't nick you with it). Be double sure to be completely under his legs when he does the lightning stab, you really don't want to be hit by it though it's not as bad as NG (it one shot me, then).

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You can also buy 'em from the female undead merchant in the Undead Burg aqueduct. They're pretty cheap, 800 I think.

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I'm playing on the PS3 and I know what you mean by the fur effect dropping the frame rate. Even when it really started chugging though, I had no trouble keeping between Sif's legs and out of trouble. When the frame rate drops and you feel like you're losing control, just focus on getting underneath her and not on attacking.

Also stability does increase when you upgrade shields (including the Eagle Shield).

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I think the ghosts also become more aggressive when they know you can't block anything. Once you get a transient curse item/get cursed in the sewers and are back to fighting the ghosts, make sure to equip the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring from Sen's Fortress. You'll have a nice stash of them built up in no time.

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I currently look like an idiot: Smough's helm/legs with Gold-Hemmed chest piece. Also a female trying to use Smough's chest piece means her arms clip through the sides of her body, resulting in an armless, waddling bowling pin sort of look.

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The sewer level in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Have you heard the noise those weird tentacle monsters make? It is loud and terrifying.

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I have read that your covenant rank is retained in NG+, but does anyone know if your progress towards your next rank is recorded as well? For example, I have offered 4 Eyes of Death to Gravelord Nito and require 6 more to get to the next rank. In NG+ will I need 6 or 10 to rank up, assuming I don't break the covenant until they are all offered?

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@LeenPonyD: But the giant blacksmith told me that when I come around and talk while he forges, it makes him very happy. I don't... *sniff*.. I don't wanna kill him!

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1. The enemy not having collision detection on obstacles and walls isn't really part of the AI. Just sayin'. People are right when they say you should switch your weapon (or your grip with certain weapons) in tight spaces, which is fair. However, I think it kind of sucks that there are missed opportunities to employ strategy like luring enemies with wide swings into tight spaces.

2. I have two issues with the camera. At least twice I have been walking along a narrow beam and the camera would hit something and suddenly jerk 30 degrees to the side, leading me to walk off the side. I'm able to duplicate it in New Londo Ruins in a certain area on the bottom level (after draining the water). There is an illusory wall with a chest on the other side of the narrow walkway beyond it. Get past the enemy and get to the chest. Turn the camera around 180 degrees so it's behind you as you walk back along the beam. If your camera is at the right height (which happens to be the height I and probably many players like to keep their camera) it will snag on a piece of wall sticking out above the broken doorway and abruptly turn to the side. Even walking slowly I couldn't stop myself from falling off the first time it happened. My second issue is really more to do with the run button. Very often I want to run around while moving the camera. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to go into "the claw" position so I can hold circle while moving the right and left sticks? Not to mention the situations I usually want to use this in are BOSS FIGHTS, where you need to be ready to attack, defend, and tap that circle button to dodge. That said, the camera is mostly fine for me and performs about as well as I could expect it to.

3. I think maybe you were too quick to resort to a guide. I went through many of the areas in Dark Souls in a weird order, completing most of Darkroot Forest/Basin and using the master key shortcut to explore half of Blight Town before going into Lower Undead Burg and fighting the Capra Demon. If things aren't working out in one area, try exploring another. I got hit by the Hydra's water projectiles and thought "F this noise," and decided to come back later in the game. I never once felt like I had "nowhere" to go. The biggest trouble was remembering where I had seen all the doorways and elevators I decided I would check out later.

4. Sometimes I will try to roll to avoid a hit, but I will be just a little bit late and end up blocking. That's fine, my bad, but very rarely my character will still roll after the blocking/stagger animation plays out. That is the only form of input lag I've ever noticed on the PS3 version and it is annoying when he does happen.

I wouldn't call Dark Souls unfair, but I wouldn't call any game unfair. The rules of the game just are the way they are, however challenging they may be.