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The Wolverine. 8/10 HELL of a lot better than Origins.

Definitely. Even on a rewatch I still enjoyed it more than that train wreck labeled 'Origins'.

Last film I watched was The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wonderful.

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@lyisa: Nirvana is a staple on the three classic rock stations in my city. 'Lithium' and 'Teen Spirit' can be heard at least twice a day.

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I started watching Digimon last week. Never saw it when it first came out, kind of dismissed it, but man: that show is not what I expected. Sure, it's still a kid's show with cute little characters, but you never saw Pokemon build a mystery and throw in Twilight Zone tropes the way Digimon does. There are some actually very funny lines as well.

An interesting show.

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Just got back into this this week. I keep thinking there's something I'm forgetting in the combat. When your pawns hold someone and call for you, is there a special attack you should employ? Or just wail away? I

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Oh, Bodacious Space Pirates. You started off so well before you became Girls Own Space Adventure... :)

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Gatchaman Crowds 2 does a much better job at making Hajime feel like an actual character, albeit an incredibly eccentric and maybe crazy one, instead of just Quirks: The Character. Really enjoyable episode. Also she is completely adorable throughout it.

It also makes me wonder why JJ chose her. Suddenly this series is--once again--not what I expected. Who exactly is Hajime?

One thing I'm not really clear about: so Hajime is moving in with the Gatcha-crowd? Her parents are cool with this? And do people know about the Gatchamen or not? It seems that they do, but then why do they cast that Amnesia Spell each time before a battle?

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I stopped after seeing this post. It's full out Hobbit now!

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Thanks for all the best wishes on my PS3 journey! Like @adamwd says, you either get a perfect experience or a shitty one, and I seem to waver a lot towards the former. Won't stop me from playing, though. I do love the game.

Another lock up last night when I fast traveled straight into a pack of Super Mutants. Restarted. Fast traveled somewhere else, saw a bit of frame jump for awhile, then it settled down.

I did shoot a Raider, though, and his severed head rolled around in a circle and never stopped. I'm assuming it's still doing that if I went back to the body. Those kinds of glitches I love.

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Going through my game backlog (finished up Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us) and Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition was next in the pile.

I've had the worst luck with Bethesda games. I was playing Oblivion on my first 360 when the screen glitched, and suddenly I had my first red ring. Got a new 360, put Oblivion back in, and it froze the system again. Never went back.

So in goes Fallout into my PS3 and the fun continues. Three lockups in one day. If I was smart, I'd stop playing, but I do love the game. I'm just hoping my PS3 survives the experience.

Anyone else playing it, or have fun Bethesda glitch stories?

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@mezmero: Good catch on The World Ends With You look to Gatchaman Crowds. I knew it reminded me of something, and you nailed it. I will still defend the first episode. It can clearly go to shit very, very soon, but I found something there that seemed to indicate it won't. But I have been wrong before. God have I been wrong.

The religious nut in Attack on Titan was odd. It's like they needed to have some sort of civilian voice in the court, which made no sense since it was a military tribunal. Why was anyone non-military even there? I did enjoy the slow transition the series seems to be making towards Eren's new focus. Although this country seems to have a very funny way of celebrating their war heroes.


Thanks for posting that Gatchaman trailer. The helmets seem to sit on their heads a bit wrong, don't they? Still, looks awesome.