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I hope they don't subject the unwitting public to the agony of another Kane & Lynch game.

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mmos are for the birds

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people still buy xbox 360?

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Or maybe the CEO of Chick-fil-A just believes in the sanctity of marriage which is defined as being between a man and woman. It doesn't meant he hates gay people. You are exuding reverse bigotry, pulling the "IF YOU'RE NOT FOR US, YOU'RE AGAINST US" card.

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The video is cool but the song is really bad.

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Correct. Nobody wants to read facts on the internet. We want entertaining misinformed opinions.

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@shadows_kill said:

Yes! Me and my friends love playing split screen! I hate it how LOTS if RACING games have dropped this feature its ridiculous. Split Screen Borderlands has been one of my favorite moments this gen.

dude what! The menus in borderlands during splitscreen are so broken. I consider it unplayable. I'd say that Resident Evil 5 hands down has the best splitscreen of any game I"ve played this gen.

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what is this i don't even

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YES! I won't avoid buying a game I want if it doesn't have splitscreen, but if if there is a game I am on the fence about, having splitscreen makes it much more likely I will buy it.

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I quit XIII at about chapter 10 or so. I think I had the exact opposite reaction. I was into the story and most of the characters, but I don't like the combat system at all. The whole paradigm shifting while teh AI plays for you doesn't do it for me.

Regardless of what I just wrote, I picked up XIII-2 on sale this week for $15 because I think the lesser amount of characters along with the pokemon like aspect of collecting creatures appeals to me. I just watched the ending to XIII on youtube instead of ever thinking about finishing that game. It might be awhile before I ever get to playing XIII-2 though, it is pretty far down my backlog of games.