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Resistance 3, picked it up for $10 on sale.

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This is possibly the worst suggestion ever made, which means Microsoft will probably do it with the next xbox :)

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I know absolutely nothing about EVE but am very interested in this game. I will wait for the free version though.

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@devilzrule27 said:

I'm pretty sure they stopped making the $10 card/code.

I buy $10 codes from Best Buy all the time.

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Not even the slightest interest in Wii U. The only thing my Wii is good for is that it makes a decent paperweight.

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Enslaved is the most worthy of those games. Great story.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

If Skyrim is so shitty, I wouldn't have spent 200 hours playing it, and I wouldn't be planning to go back to it when I build my next rig that'll be able to run it a lot better.

Thinking something is overrated doesn't necessarily mean I think it's bad. I think Skyrim is just a good game, and nowhere near Game of the Year level that many places awarded it.

Coming from someone I'm pretty sure is a defender of Final Fantasy and other JRPGs, I'd say your arguments are pretty piss poor considering. But maybe I'm confusing you with someone else.

You must have me confused with someone else. I only made it about 2/3rds through FFXIII before I quit and traded it in.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

@ERoBB: Skyrim is a masterpiece.

And this is exactly why Elder Scrolls is one of the most overrated series. The only thing Skyrim has going for it is that they created a huge cool world and you can sink countless hours into it. Clunky combat, boring NPCs, numerous bugs, repetitive missions, repetitive everything.

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@BestUsernameEver said:


  • Battlefield
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Street Fighter
  • Diablo 3
  • LA Noire
  • Fable (the series)

Haven't played either of those titles. LA Noire any good?

It's worth renting because the initial playthrough is interesting. I found no desire to go back and get 5 stars on the missions or anything of that sort, it has zero replayability.

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