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@ERoBB: Interesting read, though there are a few I would add.

#1 GTA.

Really? GTA would probably be one my examples of how to do it right. They only release a game every few years, and it's always a significant leap forward.

Ya but it is always the same game you drive you shoot stuff you brake the game been there done that.

but driving and shooting and breaking stuff is so damn fun! I never get tired of the GTA games, although GTA IV lost a little bit of the fun factor of San Andreas and Vice City.

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Oh wow... so you guys think EVERYTHING is overrated. What is this, /v/?

No one's hating on Infamous. Eh. Ehh? Ehh.

I actually do not like InFamous either at all, but if Sony is giving it away for free to PS+ members how highly can it really be rated?

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4. Elder Scrolls

3. Assassin's Creed

2. Call of Duty

1. Mass Effect

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Literally all of his hopes and dreams were crushed (let's be serious, the chances that he makes it to the NFL now are practically nonexistent) and spent 5 years of the prime of his life in prison for something he didn't do. This is so much more important than that stupid sexist video game crap, but I doubt people will care even a fraction as much as the 50 threads that are made about the feminist stuff ;~;

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Acting as though a service is without the flaws it has isn't going to make it any better for anyone who can see through the holes. It's not awful, but it has a LOT of progress it needs to make before it's an equivalent service. It's just as functional, not as useful or fully featured though.

How am I acting as if it has no flaws? I am merely stating an opinion. I have played both 360 and PS3 extensively, and find that PSN is nearly equal to Live now. The fact that it is free vs. paying a subscription fee just pushes it far in favor of the PS3 for me.

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But it didn't look that good. And the cut scene they showed just seemed boring and generic. I see why many people who be excited about a mature Star Wars game, but the way people went bonkers over this just confuses me.

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Get rich and a big ship so you I can call in air strikes from you when Dust 514 comes out :)

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I had no idea there was a holy trinity. But anyways I voted for DPS up close because I like being characters that can dual wield and rogues and such.

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@mitsuko_souma: No, I know that. I'm talking about PS+, obviously. You misunderstood me entirely. I know exactly how PS+ games work, and I know exactly how purchased PSN games work. I just don't see as much value as you in the PS+ free games deal. Which is the benefit you were claiming over XBLA. Meanwhile I have things like Party chat, better (and more commonly used) in game communication, a huge list of content providers, and access to the excellent media stores on XBLA, which I think are particularly good, a huge library of games made just for the downloadable format, a growing (pretty large at this point in fact) selection of retail titles available for full purchase and download, even older original Xbox games.

They both have their strengths, and weaknesses. I just like XBLA more than you do.

Well then just don't get PS+. PSN used to be much worse at everything than Live, but now it is nearly its equal. Live is still a little better, but requires a rip off subscription just to play online. PSN is free. I have no idea what your point is.