Some sweet bugs in Borderlands 2

I've been playing Borderlands2 lately. It is a great game! Really enjoy it.

I played the first one too but didn't get as far.

I've been playing with my brother in a 2 player local co-op the entire game. We recently beat the story and then the pirate dlc. We're Level 36 now.

During our playthrough, we encountered some bugs. Normally (in other games) bugs are annoying and some even gamebreaking but in Borderlands2 they were part of the surprising and BADASS experience. Here are some we encountered.

Badass rank doubling and vault keys trippling

This happened to me yesterday. After loading my character I got a notice saying I have 15 golden keys (I had 5 before) and more than 5k badass rank! I had somewhere in the 2k badass rank before. It gave me about 60 points to spent.

Pretty useful as it brought me closer to the bonusses of my co-op partner. The vault in Sanctuary contained some really useful items.

Weapon morph

Somewhere in the main game there was a quest where we had to kill aliens with a certain alien tech assualt rifle. At a certain point the weapon of my co-op partner changed (No, he did not pick up a new weapon). It suddenly had a fire element and I believe some of the stats (maybe name?) were changed. It only happened to his gun, not mine. It was a pretty badass weapon.

Getting stuck behind scenery

A common glitch in many games. Nothing special, just being stuck, unable to move out of a confined space you're not supposed to be. Can be quite funny sometimes, frustrating other times.

No ammo cost

While playing around I noticed my sniper didn't consume any ammo. I was using a Dahl sniper with slag element, high fire rate and 6 or 7 magazine size, emptying the magazine quickly after a burst round. Using this temporary unlimited ammo was pretty badass as we just arrived at a quite hard part. Killing enemies quickly with multiple burst rounds was pretty fun.

Okay, so these are the glitches I remember. They were pretty fun and added to the unpredictability of the game. The glitches are not as big part of the experience as in tony hawk games(wandering outside the map and looking for unreachable places with moon gravity was pretty much it's own unofficial gamemode), but they definitely contributed to the overall experience.

Are there any more awesome glitches that I missed?