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Greg Miller ruined his shirt also Buck Fast addiction and of course

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Posted this on tumblr and twitter but man that mission in Roundabout

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Please tell me someone suggested Kinnikuman or you all lose your weeb badges.

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If anyone knows the episode that has brad's antbomb story in it I would appreciate that as well.

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I have done a very bad thing. (If you don't listen to bombin the am you won't understand)

I fucked up big

I am not continuing this convo at the very least.

Also I kinda thought the ending was okay to shit. At some point I didn't care what I was doing.

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When did Greg Miller become Mark Millar's brother? Also I dunno there is so many people I am looking more at who will take out alot pf the crowd and not necessarily win? I think on top of wrestling love it goes Ryckert, Badour, and Navarro. Also I want Samit Sakar to win guy's main job is to review sports games.

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First Sparkly now Finaldasa all of the nonexistant website Screened has been assimilated back to where it once belonged.

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@fattony12000: Fuck off with that noise because it was totally not Ryan's Choice like it was Vinny's and Patrick's.

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I really want to go but I already said I would see a friend who I haven't seen in awhile. I already worked out how the convo would go where I say "I'm gonna drive to Indiana to Chicago to talk this guy named scoops for a night and some other duders and ditch you" and I don't win it. Also Indiana is not a shit hole don't believe Tony's lies.

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I like peeps and candy corn go fuck yourselves. Though candy corn is actually yummy.