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I like peeps and candy corn go fuck yourselves. Though candy corn is actually yummy.

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Since I have seen the gauntlet has been thrown anime can't get this real. Kids at my school honestly thought a man had been murdered on television. Just like Jeff says about hentai you can't fuck a cartoon in real life.

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@nickzonak said:

what's the process of a soda having an orgasm

Whoa what kinda cheap soda are you drinking.

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I can talk and have talked to Klepek when I feel like it, doesn't mean I'm gonna get job. As @sargus said you gotta least have good work and know who writing for or nothing else matters.

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I love the people picking anime are showing the worst of it as their "I rest my case". Like there's alot better anime out there guys.

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@brodehouse: Last time I checked slavery is not a choice. You are a form of property which entirely livelihood is up to someone's else. So yes I am.

@musai: Its fine just seemed out of place and if your trying to get into the industry be on your fucking best behavior you fuck

/sarcasm. As in how Susan Arendt describes it the market is overflowing with people who want the job and if anyone can get a reason not to hire you they will.

I echo alot of what @joshwent said and having a portfolio is not recommended it is necessary for the kind of sites you name.

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Do something that gets you noticed before you go someplace that matters. Also using "I am a white man" and making a slavery joke in the same paragraph says alot.

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@andrewb: Oh its totally justifiable I just wanted to try give Rebecca as much time as possible. That being I made sure Alvin made it out alive as well.

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@andrewb: Actually I got to Kenny because I knew Carver is a sonuvabitch who thinks torture gets results and Carlos still made it out of the ep alive

@random45: The 400 Days DLC that ties the two seasons together and gives alot of characters that season 2 uses

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@turboman: Looks like John Morrison left, huh maybe I should start watching again then