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I do know Brad he works at Giantbomb that is what this thread is about right?

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Behind the Bomb Screening Room? Also so glad you guys are back to your quality standards the podcast was getting worse near the buyout. Who knows maybe this will get me back into watching movies.

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The fastest way for a one way ticket to the silk road.

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From UnProfessional Fridays Lego Island episode. "He Just Floats Away...I want to be a Lego Man"

Also "Pizza SpaceShip" and "I want a Pizza Sphere"

And of course "It's so Fucking BADUMB", "Holy Shit Nights""I did a loopdeloop and got A, Fuck Off":

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As far as guilty pleasures go, I kinda like Aqua...

For truly liking a band my tastes are fairly normal.

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I noticed that in the giant bomb format player it still says that when hovering over the hd option, HD video is a subscriber only feature. The issue is that all none subscriber Giantbomb content other then age-gated trailers is on youtube and embedded here for non members as such. It could be a non issue considering the age gated trailers but could you offer a free hd option for that as well or would that kill bandwidth just a nit pick I noticed.

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Its been awhile since I have posted here. I also have been doing a ton stuff while away. I have Episodes 6, 7, and 8 of TheReviewCast Podcast. I also have the new more freeform Side B Podcasts of Episode 7 and 8. I have First Impressions of the Gotham City Imposters Beta and A World of Keflings: It Came From Outer Space DLC. I also have a new series I'm working on called Ultimate Battling the Backlog. Finally I have started a new podcast interview series focusing on the gaming industry. Its called the State of Games.

Lots of stuff woo!

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Fashionably late to the showcase is episode 5 of the Reviewcast covering the group's top ten of 2011.

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Here is my top ten realized after the fact I could have made it a list well at least as a positive I can keep the pretty pictures.

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