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@andrewb: Actually I got to Kenny because I knew Carver is a sonuvabitch who thinks torture gets results and Carlos still made it out of the ep alive

@random45: The 400 Days DLC that ties the two seasons together and gives alot of characters that season 2 uses

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@turboman: Looks like John Morrison left, huh maybe I should start watching again then

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@turboman said:

Sounds like a good way to get thousands of people to waste hours of their lives trying to find nothing.

So how is wrestling this year?

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Okay so I had a couple questions about the candidates:

Does anyone from the Phoenix Wright series (besides Apollo) make this list? The first three Gyakuten Saiban games were GBA games when first released. The same idea goes for Saya from Saya no Ulta which is a ten year old game recently localized. If the list derives it self from the location of Northern America then Kyousuke can't make this list because that series was only released in Japan. The Heavy does appear in Team Fortress Classic. And Zoe Castillo probably can't make this list because the only console Dreamfall was released on was the original Xbox.

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@pr1mus: There's no long version because you don't anyone to know about your fecal fetish

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I do know Brad he works at Giantbomb that is what this thread is about right?

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Behind the Bomb Screening Room? Also so glad you guys are back to your quality standards the podcast was getting worse near the buyout. Who knows maybe this will get me back into watching movies.

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The fastest way for a one way ticket to the silk road.

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From UnProfessional Fridays Lego Island episode. "He Just Floats Away...I want to be a Lego Man"

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Also "Pizza SpaceShip" and "I want a Pizza Sphere"

And of course "It's so Fucking BADUMB", "Holy Shit Nights""I did a loopdeloop and got A, Fuck Off":

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As far as guilty pleasures go, I kinda like Aqua...

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For truly liking a band my tastes are fairly normal.