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I noticed that in the giant bomb format player it still says that when hovering over the hd option, HD video is a subscriber only feature. The issue is that all none subscriber Giantbomb content other then age-gated trailers is on youtube and embedded here for non members as such. It could be a non issue considering the age gated trailers but could you offer a free hd option for that as well or would that kill bandwidth just a nit pick I noticed.

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Its been awhile since I have posted here. I also have been doing a ton stuff while away. I have Episodes 6, 7, and 8 of TheReviewCast Podcast. I also have the new more freeform Side B Podcasts of Episode 7 and 8. I have First Impressions of the Gotham City Imposters Beta and A World of Keflings: It Came From Outer Space DLC. I also have a new series I'm working on called Ultimate Battling the Backlog. Finally I have started a new podcast interview series focusing on the gaming industry. Its called the State of Games.

Lots of stuff woo!

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Fashionably late to the showcase is episode 5 of the Reviewcast covering the group's top ten of 2011.

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Here is my top ten realized after the fact I could have made it a list well at least as a positive I can keep the pretty pictures.

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I have had this problem as well on Screened. When I try to add a release or something to one my lists I get the infinite loading loop in firefox.

1.Firefox 7

2. Windows 7 Ultimate

3. All Lists and adding Releases

4.It works fine in Google chrome.

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When I saw this thread I automatically thought of this.

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Giant Bomb is currently a better tracker of trophies then the official PlayStation website. Awesome!

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I love how people scream for a endurance run no matter what the situation and get all whiny when nothing can beat their expectations even when the videos haven't been released yet. Good show GB community.

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@whatisdelicious said:

Good content leaves you wanting more, not bailing in the middle. I just watched the X-Men: Destiny QL, for instance. Did that need to be ~40 minutes? Absolutely not. It was the same thing the whole way through, and they just kept going until there was just nothing left to talk about. Did Rise of Nightmares need to be ~40 minutes? Absolutely not. That game was so boring to watch. Did Kinectimals: Now With Bears need to be ~50 minutes? I have no clue, because there's no way I'm going to watch 50 minutes of Kinectimals: Now With Bears. So while I think the argument that I can just bail out halfway through is valid, yeah, I don't think that it solves the problem that the average length of a Quick Look is starting to exceed a lot of people's attention spans.


Like I said, a lot of the arguments have been valid. But I can still disagree with something when it's a valid argument, and while I've qualified many of those disagreements I've had by occasionally starting with something like "fair enough," I don't think that the mere fact that I'm disagreeing with an opinion means that I think it's invalid.

Isn't that the point of a quicklook to find out if you care about a game. Putting arbitrary time limits on games you think are lesser quality from the get go is bias, which is kinda what the GB crew is not about. You don't have to watch the kinecitmals quicklook if your not interested in the game some parent might be but if your saying that games like Deus Ex should get hour quicklooks where others should not because their not "quality", I have to very much disagree with you.