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It is VERY easy to get a good gaming-PC for way under $1000.

I came up with a build that will cost me about 591 dollars and I'll defiantly be able to keep a steady FPS in newer games. I remember about the time the original Crysis was a big comparison game, someone managed to make a $400 build that got 60FPS.

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Look who it is...again.

Thanks to the kind member in the last thread who gifted me KoTOR1! He didn't even want my Platinum Pack CD-Key.

I have a new offer for the HL1 key that'll give you EVERYTHING (CS, HL1+BS+OPF, DoD, Team Fortress Classic, etc.)

I'll trade my Platinum Pack for Star Wars Dark Forces 1 and 2. Considering the Plat. is about $30 dollars I believe, you'd be gifting me two games for the rough price of 3-4 dollars in return. I think that's a good offer.

My Steam ID:GlorifiedMongoose/mixwizzard

Email: Mixwizzard35@live.com

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@mlarrabee: I sent you a PM with my steam email, many thanks!

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Yep, that's the right game, the original.

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@believer258: It certainly does.

Although, I'll give the person interested in trading the CD-Key first. As I don't have much to lose in this deal, we better make sure it actually works!

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So, with the Star Wars vidya game sale today, I noticed KOTOR1 was fairly cheap. But I'm too poor at the moment to buy it, so I was wondering if someone wanted to set up a trade over steam.

I have a completely legitimate copy of Half-Life: Generation, and am willing to trade the CD-Key on the case for KOTOR1 over Steam.

The CD-Key will give you the Half-Life 1 Platinum Pack (all the expansions and the main game of HL1, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike 1.6, etc.)

Please message me or post your Steam ID, on here if anyone is interested.

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It's always alittle sad when an unpaid mod team/modder can do things better than an actual Developer with a salary.

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@JasonR86: I think about people who piss me off and how I want to punch them.

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"Oh Hitman: Absolution, you are too good of a game to have been as terribly marketed as you have been. I'm"

Please tell me this is a bad joke, Absolution is awful compared to the other Hitman games. Stealth is boring, Disguises are generally useless on a difficulty thats above Normal. Guard's vision is sporadic and bad (Sometimes might see you 1,000 miles away, sometimes won't even know you're breathing right next them.)

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2nd question is yes. It is the same Lily, theres also a new novel coming out that'll explain how she got to Woodbury.